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Women of 21st Century Wears Hijab with Flaunting Styles 2014

Muslim women wear hijab to protect themselves from the evil eyes of society and keep themselves protected from the attacks on their dignity and integrity. Wearing hijab is a necessity for Muslim women so they have created innovation in its styles. Hijab style with headbands is one of the most popular ways of wearing scarf.

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Fashionable hijab styles

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Hijab is the sacred way of protecting women’s personality. Hijab is a way of wearing scarf that must cover all hair yet looks elegant. In all Muslim countries, women prefer to take hijab, and since taking hijab is in fashion, fashion geniuses has come up with some creative styles of wearing a simple piece of cloth around your head.

Creativity in hijab styles

There are so many ways of wearing scarves but all the beautiful ladies really like to look more fashionable and trendy within the limits of sacredness. Trendy styles of wearing hijabs are various. The one style that has genuinely evolved the hijab concept is hijab style with headbands. It is like that they can wear their headbands on their hijabs and still make it appear attractive and decent. Muslim women are undoubtedly stylish but they really know how to keep their dignity that’s why they have become so fond of hijab style.

Hijab style with headbands 2014 851Colors and stuff of hijab

It has been observed that light colors are more appreciated among the ladies since they blend in well with their outfits. Moreover light colors look more elegant and royal when wearing as a scarf. Bright and loud colors are not being acknowledged well among the fashionable divas of Muslim countries around the world because they do not blend in with color of their outfits, it poses literal trouble in matching or contrasting with the colors of the dresses.

 However, light colors look pretty in evening and in daylight gatherings equally. Hijab style with headband also offers them to wear glittery headbands on their scarves that look very appealing and flaunting at the same time. Cotton stuff is more comfortable stuff to wear in all kinds of weather. Moreover it goes really well as if you are wearing a complete hijab fashion outfits. Silky or woven stuff is not at all acceptable since they fail to stay in place and gives an awful shape to your head. So it’s better to go with cotton or some thin stuff that stays in place.

Hijab style according to your face cut

There is variety of ways of wrapping scarf around your head; there is Egyptian style, Turkish style, Arabian style, Malaysian style, deviant art style and many more to choose from according to your preferred style. There is one tip that you must keep in mind while choosing hijab styles, you must know your face cut. If you know your face cut then you must go with the suggested hijab style that will compliment your personality. However, it is to accept that hijab style for round faces are numerous and usually all types of hijab styles tend to suit the round faces.

Hijab style with headband Gallery.

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