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Winter Collection 2013-14 For Women By Five Star Textile

Winter Collection 2013-14 For Women By Five Star Textile

Winter Collection 2013-14 For Women By Five Star Textile
Winter Collection 2013-14 For Women By Five Star Textile

September is going to end in just one week and women have started thinking about winter clothes. Thanks to Five Star Textile that has brought colorful and stylish collection for this winter. Good thing about this collection is that it includes not only dark but also light colors; women of all ages are free to choose those outfits that suit them the most.

As you know designers of Five star are quite picky about color as they always offer those colors that are tagged as “latest” in fashion industry. Let’s start digging in the design and combination of every new outfit.

Navy Blue Shirt with Same Color Trouser

Working women often search for something graceful and formal and this dress seems to be the right choice for them. Navy blue Chiffon shirt has small tiny floral design in upper half while you can see medium size dark blue floral pattern in lower half.

Spring Green Shirt

If you check summer clothes of 2013 then you come to know that Spring green remained ‘hot’ among women of all ages. It seems that this trend will not be ended in winter as Five Star is offering spring green linen shirt with jade shawl. Color scheme is quite perfect especially for upcoming season. If you don’t prefer dark colors then this shirt could be your first choice.

Pumpkin Shirt with Black Jacket

I think it is one of the best designs for casual wear lovers. The style of this outfit is not only trendy but also very commendable. Teenagers could favor it for their picnic parties.

Dark Purple Top with Printed Trouser

The girls who want something simple and easy to wear can definitely try this design of Five Star textile in winter. In summer, girls have worn plain trousers now it is the time to start preferring printed trousers. It seems they are  going to set a new trend.

Black Shirt with Colorful Lace

It is indeed one of the best party wears that Five Star offers to its customers. Dotted and line black printed shirt comes with embroidery lace for neck style. Even you can add more beauty into this outfit by adding three different patches in sleeves.

Hot Red Open Shirt

Winter is often regarded as wedding season in Pakistan. Five Star designers know this fact, so they bring hot red open shirt style for you. This party wear comes with beautiful lace.

Hot Pink Frock Style

Girls love to wear frock, so designers of Five Star have added an elegant style of hot pink frock in winter collection. This frock has black long neck floral pattern and border is designed with same black floral outline and embroidery.

Red and Orange A-Line shirt

Another casual wear comes in the form of red and orange A-line shirt. This shirt has plain red sleeves where you can find floral embroidery motifs.

Now don’t wait anymore. It’s time to visit a store where you can buy latest winter collection 2013-14 by Five Star Textile.


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