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Updos for short hair

Updos for short hair

Updos for short hair
Updos for short hair

Whether you’re in your teenage or in your twenties, every woman needs a hairstyle that can make them look beautiful and that can help them stand out. Hair updos are the best way of looking good and in short hair you can make any hairstyle that can make you look amazing. Hair updos can be of any type and you can make them look elegant and casual. These updos are for formal events or for normal casual day. People don’t often wear their hair down because this always makes them worry about looking like a sociopath. For those people hair updos are the best way of wearing their hair and looking pretty with them. Following are some of the best hair updos that can be made in mere 5 minutes.

1. Easier than it looks updoEasier than it looks updo 01

Hair updos not usually look as hard as they really are. But some hair updos look very hard to make but are not so hard to copy when it comes to wearing the best hairstyle. The easier than it looks hair updo is really creative and it makes one look beautiful when it is on someone. It can give you a formal look as well as a very simple casual appeal. All you have to do is take all of your hair to the back. Make twists from the front and bring them back and pin them up from both sides. Once it is done wear a pony at the lower back and twist the entire pony tail. Let the pony tail form a circle and wear a pin over it. It can give you an elegant look.

2. Inside out pony tail bun. Inside out pony tail bun 02

This is the easiest pony tail bun ever. All you have to do is make a high pony, not too high and then bring all of your hair out of the pony tail. This will help you make the bun look beautiful and you can look pretty too. Secure the bun with the help of bobby pins.

3. Twist around side braidTwist around side braid 01

This is not actually an updo but it will help secure your hair and not bring them on your face. It helps secure your hair from falling here and there and you can bring all of your hair on one side. Make a braid and adjust it.

4. Low chignonLow chignon 01

The easiest and the most common updo is low chignon. It is really easy to make and the best part is that you don’t have to wear lots of pins or bands to secure your hair. Just make a pony tail at the very end and then turn it around and secure it with a band.

5. Side ponySide pony 01

This hair updo is really cute and looks very classy on girls. All you have to do is bring all your hair to one side and at the end make them look amazing by wearing a pony over it. Your side pony can look amazing if you comb it properly.

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