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Top 10 tourist places in Pakistan – a Fascinating Sight

Allah has blessed Pakistan with a lot of natural beauty that attracts the tourists from all around the globe. Pakistan has huge number of places to visit as they are rich with attraction as well as splendor. Such areas have the extensive magnetism pull that has power to make the people feel fall in love with them. Tourists mostly like hilly areas and valleys that could be captured and remain in their sights forever. We have collected a list of top 10 tourist sites in Pakistan which is as follow:

1.     Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is one of the wonders of nature. It is located in North and North East of Muzaffarabad running corresponding to Kaghan Valley separated just by a river between them. Lush green fields, enthralling water flows and eye-catching environment has a massive majestic affect. There are various guest houses located in that valley to stay and feel the comfort and soothing effect of natural world. Hence, neelum valley is at number one slot in our chart of top 10 tourist sites in Pakistan.

2.     Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful and most visited places in Pakistan. It is a steep, hilly and blossoming green valley located in the heart of Gilgit Baldistan. Hunza valley is situated at the height of 2500 meters with three regions of Upper Hunza, Lower Hunza and Center Hunza. It has magnificent beauty also having many places in itself to take pleasure, joy, delight and contentment.

3.     Swat Valley

At number three in our chart of top 10 tourist sites in Pakistan is Swat valley which has a history of beauty as well as destruction. Swat Valley is also called as the mini Switzerland of Pakistan with an immense striking and stunning loveliness. Swat valley is located upon the river of Swat. It has huge mountains that also attract the tourists for hiking and rock climbing.

4.     Kalash Valley

Kalash valley, located in the region of Chitral, is one of the central tourist’s attractions of Pakistan. At number four is an outstanding piece of nature that has historic as well as Greek civilization. It is a popular place visited by many tourists throughout the year. Kalash valley is admired by everyone for its gorgeousness as well as the weather in these areas is cold, peaceful and calm that gives you comfort and solace.

5.     Kaghan Valley

Naran and Kaghan carry a special place in the heart of every tourist, located in the region of Mansehra, Kaghan is popular for its splendor among all the top 10 tourist attractions of Pakistan. It has many appealing and charismatic resorts for the coming tourists from all over the world. Kaghan valley is a worthy place to see as it has high mountains with lush greenery and streams running of cold water.

6.     Murree Hills

Murree is the most visited tourist area of Pakistan. Murree remain filled with the Pakistanis belonging from different cities. It is located in Rawalpindi district. The snowfall of winters carries an amazing pleasure. It is the one of the most popular picnic places of most of the people living nearer to Murree. So, Murree is ranked at five in our top 10 chart of tourists love in Pakistan.

7.     Shandur Pas

Shandur has the honor of being the highest polo ground on earth. Shandur Polo Festival is a big and the most popular event arranged here which plays the role of a magnet for the tourists who come here especially for this occasion. Shandur is located at quite a height so its road remain blocked during winters due to heavy snowfall, which also add versatility to the nature of this place.

8.     Rawalakot

Rawalakot is a beautiful valley located in Azad Kashmir, surrounded by hills. Rawalakot is a part of area called as heaven on earth. It is a worthy place to be visited in summer season as the winters are quite cold and chilly there. We have ranked Rawalakot at number eight in top 10 list of tourist places in Pakistan as it is located just 80 km away from Rawalpindi and carries a loads of attraction material for the visitors or vacationers.

9.     Ziarat

Ziarat is popular from patriotic point of view as we have residency of our dearest Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah located in this region. Ziarat is located in Balochistan as it is one of the best picnic spot in Pakistan and has many trips visiting this region each and every single day. Ziarat has green lush fields as it has extensive water supply which make the area green as well as pleasing that forces the individuals to take its pictures and enjoys the lifetime beauty.

10.Jehlum Valley

There are many valleys in Pakistan but Jehlum valley has its own uniqueness and individuality. It is located in Azad Kashmir, became the reason of desirability for both the in house as well as international tourists. The valley has woody houses with abundant green areas making it more charming, mesmerizing and captivating.

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