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Top 10 foods of Pakistan – Taste of Culture and Rituals

Food is the basic necessity of life but there are few civilizations in which food is the part of tradition as well as culture. People of Pakistan are the food lovers. They live to eat instead of having foodstuff to survive. Food is the other name of joy, pleasure and fun. People go to grand and expensive restaurants for having yummy, delicious, mouth watering and scrumptious food. There are few natives, who are so foodie that they feel hungry just on the sight of eatables. That’s the reason most of them become bulky even over weight and have to face extensive obesity problems. If an individual take all type of foodstuff but in an average quantity then he could enjoy everything he love. Here is the list of top 10 foods of Pakistan:

1.     Biryani


Biryani is a delicious dish of rice made by using many flavors called as Masala in urdu language. Biryani is the discovery of Sindh but it has become popular all over the Pakistan even Indians are also fond of having biryani. There are various types of biryani masalas of different brands available in market including Bombay biryani, sindhi biryani, palao biryani etc. Therefore, it is at number one position in our list of top 10 foods of Pakistan.

2.     Beef nihari

Beef nihari

Nihari was originated in Delhi during the last era of Mughal Empire. It is s Muslim dish cooked throughout the night. Nihari is also cooked in chicken and mutton but beef enhances its taste with the combination of bone marrow. There are many food hubs where nihari is cooked as a speciality.

3.     Lahori Bar B. Que

Lahori Bar B. Que

Lahore is famous for luscious and tasty food. Bar B. Que is the speciality of Lahore which includes tikkay, kabab, chops, chicken pieces and lamb leg etc. Bar B. Que gives you the mouth-watering condition on its sight and it became difficult to stop your hands once you start eating it.

4.     Punjabi Karahi

Punjabi Karahi

Punjabi Karahi is another famous ranked at four among the top 10 foods of Pakistan. In Lahore, there is a food street popular for preparing a variety of karahi in mutton and chicken. This is made with the combination of onion, tomato, meat and seasoning that boosts its taste and can’t let you to stop. Karahi is mostly served with naan or roti.

5.     Fried Fish

Fried Fish

Fish is an exclusive eatable liked all over the world for its taste. There are many types of fish available in market including trout, salmon, oyster etc. Fish has its own unique taste that makes everyone crazy for it. People of Lahore are enthusiastic for fried fish as it fulfills their craving.

 6.     Chappal Kabab

Chappal Kabab

Chappal kabab, sixth among the top 10 foods, is another mouth-watering dish belonging from the city of Peshawar. Chappal Kabab is made with the mince of beef or chicken. But it carries its specialty in beef. These are round in shape with lot of spices mixed in it. The blend of chappal kabab and Peshawari kawa push the food lovers in the depth of its savor.

7.     Halwa Puri and Paratha in Breakfast

Halwa Puri and Paratha in Breakfast

Most of the people skip breakfast while it’s the most important meal which we all must have to take when we start our day. Halwa puri is a tasty dish taken in combination with chana. In Lahore, there is a trend of having halwa puri breakfast especially on weekends while parathas are preferred in regular routine days as they are healthy and full of nutrition.

8.     Koozi Haleem

Koozi Haleem

Haleem is a special dish made by the blend of different pulses. It can be of beef or chicken. Haleem give us the taste that no other dish can ever give us. Haleem is cooked in an efficient way and it is quite a time taking as well as hard working task to make haleem. Haleem is served with naan or roti as well as with rice.

9.     Kashmiri Goshtaba with White Rice

Kashmiri Goshtaba with White Rice

It is a conventional dish of Kashmir among the top 10 foods of Pakistan, in which meat balls are cooked with the gravy of yogurt and served with boiled white. There are various restaurants in Rawalpindi that are specialized in making this dish and people from all around the world visit them just to taste this specific food item.

10.              Khada Gosht of Quetta

Khada Gosht of Quetta

Khada gosht of Quetta again represents our cultural values and norms. This dish is made by handing the whole goat or lamb on sticks and cooked on charcoal fire. There is an environment of bonfire while its preparation time. Everyone enjoys the moments as it is made on special occasions and served the whole as it. This dish is very beneficial for the people living in cold areas as it keeps their body warm and increases their metabolism with its delightful taste.


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