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Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips – Beauty tips

Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips – Beauty tips

Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips - Beauty tips
Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips – Beauty tips

Luscious looks are equally important for men and women. Maintaining beautiful healthy hair is not difficult at all. Healthy diet and good hygiene are the basic components, combined with a few simple recipes can work wonders. Here are some basic hair care tips that you might know already, yet refresh them in your memory so that you get the locks that you adore:

• Do not wash your hair every day. It deprives your hair of natural oils and leaves them dried. You can treat your hair with shampoo every other day at the most. Wet hair is more prone to breakage. Even if you love the look of your hair after you have washed them, the key to remember is that regular shampooing will damage your hair permanently.

• Oiling is also an important factor. For best results oil your hair once a week. Best hair treatment oils are coconut, mustard and olive oils. Almond oil and castor oil are also a good combination for great hair. Some people might convince you that oiling causes the hair breakage. Yet the truth is that you should find the oil type that suits your hair, and start regular oiling for best results.Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips - Beauty tips 01

• The best ingredient is to comb your hair when they are almost dry. Do not comb your hair as soon as you are out of the shower. Let them air dry a little and then you comb them with a wide toothed comb. Do not wait for them to dry out completely; rather brush them before they are almost dry.

• Use a wide toothed comb. Replace the comb and stylish brush on your dressing table with a wide-toothed comb. It makes your hair less prone to breakage, and leaves the locks and curls in place; thus causing no or very little damage.Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips - Beauty tips 02

• Apply mayonnaise on your scalp. Then damp a towel in hot water and cover your mayonnaise treated hair with this damp towel for one hour. This will eradicate the lice in your skin and make them smooth and shiny.

• Do not go for artificial hair drying unless it is really, really urgent. Let you hair dry naturally! Blow dryer causes a great damage to the outer protective layering of your hair.Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips - Beauty tips 03

• Keep the use of artificial products to minimum. Our old grandmothers had excellent hair because their hair was not exposed to artificial products that have become much a part of our routine life these days. Instead, try to depend on natural products and minimize all the damage caused by artificiality.

• If you are aiming at longer hair, then the key is to trim the edges of your hair regularly. The interval will depend on a number of factors, but admit the fact that cutting your hair will shorten them temporarily but will boost the hair growth.Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips - Beauty tips 04

• Styling makes the hair look fabulous; yet you should choose the right style for your hair that compliments your features and is suitable for your hair type. You will hear great hair care tips from every other girl, but do not go for every tip that you hear. Instead, be cautious and be sensible.

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