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The Super Sexy and Hot Sizzling Girl – Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu Hot 2Bipasha is the sexiest women. This super sexy and hot sizzling girl woman was born on 7th January in New Delhi about 1979. In Bollywood Bipasha Basu is one of the fittest feminine actresses. She has stressed always on the value of having a healthy body.

Bipasha brought up in the family of Hindu Bengali. She has 2 sisters. She knows many languages as Hindi, Bengali and English etc. Bipasha’s sisters name are Bidisha and Bijoyeta, these both name are extremely similar with each other. Bipasha started her career with the hit movie Ajnabee in 2001. In her life Fitness has played the main important role always. Bipasha got a big part of her success with her sexy and glamorous physique. She also inspired to all Asian women’s to get healthy and in well shapes.

Bipasha’s DVD

She also makes a DVD with the name of ‘Bipasha Basu: Love Yourself’. This DVD is appreciated highly with all the persons who love bipasha and also love her fitness. To see this DVD importance Bipasha want to release the 2nd DVD as well.

Bipasha Basu doesn’t believe in shortcuts. She is hard worker and she is working much hardly to achieve the goal as she want. To make her body sexy and curvy, she has worked much more hard as a normal person. By UK magazine, Bipasha is also named as the “Sexiest Woman in Asia” because she is the super sexy and hot sizzling girl in the Bollywood world.

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