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The Best Medium Haircuts: Hair Ideas

medium haircuts of veena malikmedium haircuts of karinaIn this article you will find some elegant shoulder length haircuts that will go best to attain multiple looks. This hair cut seems awesome for any type of hair whether sleek and straight, curly and thick whatever! All the styles mentioned in this article will be seen with minimal layers so that you can see elegance and grace in just simple shoulder length haircuts. You may have the choice to make some more changes in these hair styles by addition of shorter layers.

Sleek Southern Belle

Sometimes you want to adopt a simple but beautiful hair style. These sleek shoulder length haircuts possess much longer side bangs which look gorgeous, subtle tapering and soft at the ends. It tends to enhance the shine and smoothness of your hair by having minimal layers.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

If you are the one with oval and circle shaped face, then this hair style is absolutely for you. The shoulder hair length assists to frame and elongate your face. Girls with fine hair will look marvelous in this hair style as there are no layers to reduce any thickness. It will be easier to make this look on your own if you have straight hair.

Tapered Temptress

This is also one of the most beautiful shoulder length haircuts which have touches of shape just under the chin. By creating layers at the jaw line and further down make the look soft which enhances the face beauty. Moreover, angled wispy hairs bangs are also helpful to frame the face as well as put some more dimension the hairstyle.


Put some appropriate styling products in your hair after getting the shower and drying them.


1. Use the blow dryer in order to remove the moisture from hair. Prefer a paddle brush for this purpose to make hair smooth.

2. Take a medium sized round brush and your blow dryer and keep blow drying medium sized parts of hair starting from neck. Then, drop down an additional section keep continuing until hair gets dry.

3. Just blow dry your hair to the side and in forward direction.

4. With the help of a flat iron, bevel your hair towards and under your face. The iron can also be used to provide the shine and smoothness to any piece of hair that you want.

Recommended products

If you have curly hair and want to turn them into straight then you just need to use conditioner and Moroccan Oil’s Moisturizing shampoo in the shower your blow dry get easy to be done. You can also follow the treatment oil for getting soft and silky strands.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

This shoulder length haircut will be compliment for round, oval, square and heart shaped faces. Other than this, almost every one can put this hair style because of subtle layers and side bangs. The great options for this shoulder length hair style will be thick to thin but with little or no curls.



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