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Simply before midnight last Sunday, Mark Rylance, a Tony champ for “Twelfth Night,” was remaining in the entryway of the Plaza Hotel, grasping his grant and examining his dark top cap.

“It’s known as the Sinatra,” he said. “It’s intended to be worn to the side like this, however I imagine that is a bit showy.”

Truly? Why not something loaned to him for the night by, say, Tom Ford or Giorgio Armani, as is regularly the custom for stars at celebrity main street occasions?

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“Nobody offered,” he said, shrugging.

Ok, well. That is the way things are on the theater recompenses circuit, where a D.i.y. stylish still wins and where just about nobody appears to ask, “Who are you wearing?” as stars strut celebrity main street. On the off chance that they did, the responses would be marginally disappointing.

Those top-level configuration houses like Alexander Mcqueen, Lanvin and Givenchy that consistently equip performing artists for the honors season? Practically nonexistent among the chosen people not long from now.

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