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Stunning Abaya Designs 2014 In India

A majority of Muslim population of Indian women uses abayas in their daily lives. The abaya designs in India also take their inspiration from the Arab countries, like the rest of the world. India is known for its cultural diversity in the whole world. The variety, one finds in abaya designs in India, is just another example.

Stunning Abaya Designs 2014 In India 670

Embroidered Abayas

Embroidered abayas are never out of season from the market of abaya designs in India. The black attire adorned with both handmade and machine embroidery has always been very popular among the Indian Muslim women. The embroidered abayas conform to the taste and traditions of the Indian ladies. As with the everyday clothing, the designs are mostly floral made with bright silk thread and embellished with sequins and beads.

Embroidered Abayas

Printed Abayas

To satisfy the love for bright colors and bold designs among the Indian women, the latest abaya design in India is of printed abayas. The graphic designs on the lower front and back of the abayas make them look totally different. The designs are usually confined to floral, but sometimes monochrome spiral designs and patterns are also seen. Although these abayas seem to be outrageous, but they are quite suitable for young girls, for whom all black abayas are not attractive.

Leopard Design

Abayas with leopard design strips are another bold innovation among the abaya designs in India. They are inspired by the abaya designs in Dubai. The leopard designs are not just confined to the natural combination of black and brown, but are found in almost all different bold colors. This design is usually used for front open abayas. For A-line abayas, there is mostly the top or a full length strip in the middle of the sleeves.

Leopard  Abaya Designs 2014 In India

Cross Hatch Designs

Abayas with cross hatch designs are also quite in demand in abaya designs in India. These cross hatch designs are made of silk thread or colorful ribbons. Usually the top is covered with the design or the sleeves and the middle portion of the front of abaya.

Fringe Work

This is the same old concept of simple yet elegant. Basically, a choice of the ladies who do not like abayas over loaded with colors. Rather than a simple black abaya from head to toe, a simple piping on the fringe or a little embroidery can do the trick. There can be an edging of stone work, or beads or sequins arranged simply on the fringe. They are mostly preferred by the working women, who need something stylish but not overwhelming. The simple fringe work corresponds to their needs. It allows them a little dash of color without overdoing it.

Reversible Abayas

The most economical choice among the abaya designs in India is the reversible abayas. They are mostly made of sheer fabric like georgette and are usually in two colors. When turned upside down, you get a different color altogether. They are very suitable for travelling and long outdoor trips, as you don’t have to carry an extra piece with you. The stitching matters the most in this case, as it should be neat. The colors on the inside and outside should not overshadow each other and should be in similar tones.

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