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smokey eyes blue eyes

smokey eyes blue eyes

smokey eyes blue eyes
smokey eyes blue eyes

Well every girl wants to look as beautiful as she can and for this purpose the girls can go to any extent. Because now days every girl wants that she should be the center of attention in any gathering and party and for this purpose the girls do their best. They dress up differently, they change their hairstyles etc but the most important thing in anybody’s personality is the face and if you take a general over view the people will say that in the face of a human being the most important thing are the eyes of a person.smokey eyes blue eyes 01

They say that “Eyes Talk without tongue” well it is rightly said probably because the eyes of a person really reflect his/her personality. Especially in the case of females their eyes become really important in reflecting their personality.

Smokey Eyessmokey eyes blue eyes 02

Girls change their makeup according to the event or gathering these days and when they do they do their facial makeup they should know that most important is the eye makeup. Different girls can have different preferences for the makeup style but nothing can get as good as Smokey eye makeup for girls.

Smokey eyes make you look.smokey eyes blue eyes 03

• More attractive

• Make you look younger

• Make you look prominent in the party

Simple steps to do Smokey Eyes makeupsmokey eyes blue eyes 04

Girls have to change their style and makeup on daily basis these days and they simply cannot afford to go to a makeup parlor everyday so they should be good enough to do their makeup themselves. Smokey Eye makeup is not as difficult as one might think because it is a simple process of 7 steps and any girl can do it. The steps aresmokey eyes blue eyes 05

  • 1st step is about choosing the right colors for the Smokey eyes makeup.
  • 2nd step is about choosing the eyeliner pencil for the Smokey makeup
  • 3rd  step is to apply the foundation base properly
  • 4th  step is to apply the eyeliner properly
  •  5th step is to apply the eye shadows accordingly and with care as well.

•    6th step is about to apply the mascara

•     7th step is all about finishing of the makeup

Smokey Blue Eyesv smokey eyes blue eyes 06

Well everything has a symbol associated with it and when we generally talk of female beauty we generally think that an ideal girl should have white face, brown long hair, cute smile and blue eyes. Now it is as simple as that a girl with blue eyes naturally looks more beautiful and the girls who have got the natural blue retina look even more gorgeous with blue eyes makeup and it turn even better when she gets the Smokey touch into it because Smokey blue eyes make the personality of a girl look as good as anything she can expect. It is often said in the fantasy romantic stories that “she has the deep blue eyes” now we don’t know the reason but that’s true that blue eyes attract more than other eye shades.

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