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smokey eye colours for brown eyes

smokey eye colours for brown eyes

smokey eye colours for brown eyes
smokey eye colours for brown eyes

Having the best eye makeup doesn’t require any professionalism. All you have to do is be very precise and make your makeup look perfect. Whether you have colored eyes or plain black, you will have to get the knowledge of making your eye shadow according to that. For different eye colors the different range of smokiness should be made on your eyes. You have to make everything look even and so the eye color for your eyes means a lot when putting on makeup.

1. Wash your faceWash your face 01

Clean all the dirt, makeup and oil from your skin especially from the eyes. Wash your face properly and make sure that your face is clean and dry. Apply facial moisturizer on your face to make the face look dry. Don’t be harsh on your skin and be polite to your face.

2. Apply cream shadowApply cream shadow 01

First before starting the eye makeup apply cream shadow on the eye lids. The cream should be dark grey or black. Smudge the cream with your finger or an eye brush. This cream serves as a base and it helps the eye makeup stay for long.

3. Apply powdered shadow. Apply powdered shadow 01

Apply powder of the same color with the help of an eye brush on your eye lids. Gently tap the black or dark grey shade on your eye lids and let the shadow rest. This can also be done with your finger.

4. Use air brushUse air brush 01

These brushed give a very gentle touch and you can adjust the color of the eye shadow on your eyes. The reason for air brush is that it will gently lower any aggressive shadow standing on your eye lids. This gives a very light and beautiful look.

5. Apply eye linerApply eye liner 01

The finishing for your eye shadow needs an eye liner to look pretty. You eye shadow can look perfect when the eye liner is applied perfectly and beautifully. Finish the look with the perfect mascara and then your eyes will look brilliant. These easy smoky eyes look good with brown eyes because it is not too dark and the shadows are on the eye lid region only. You can make the eyes look big with this shadow effect and it can be very easy to do even if you’re in a hurry. With black eyes you have to make the eye shadow a little dark and this will be good for you when you wear light colored dress or simply black. Your makeup and the dress color makes your eyes look good. If your eyes are not too heavy then it will go best with any dress. Similarly if your eye color is brown you can make the smokiness a little less than it is normally. This will lower the effect of eye lids and make your eye shadow look good. All you have to do is make sure that either the eye shadow is dark and everything else is light or the eye shadow is light and vice versa.

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