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Simple mehndi designs for Back Hands

Simple mehndi designs for  Back Hands

Simple mehndi designs for  Back Hands
Simple mehndi designs for Back Hands

The most easily viewable part of one’s body are the hands and therefore the girls focus so much on their mehndi design especially on the back of their hands .Poplular Simple Mehndi Designs for back hand It is said that keep it simple keep it straight and simplicity attracts. The common back hand mehndi designs which are used are as follow:Simple mehndi designs for  Back Hands 01

• Simple floral patterns and the floral pattern made with perfection really looks good.

• Many girls make a design of butterflies with the mehndi on their back hand and usually it suits the girls who are under the age of twenty.

• Abstract art designs are also made. These designs on back hand look extremely good with giving a compact look to the back hand.

Simple mehndi designs for babies:Simple mehndi designs for babies

Little babies look good to everyone in the family and the babies are dealt with so much care and affection in their childhood. The parents and the relatives want to see the baby as beautiful and as charming as he can so this purpose the parents put on nice cute clothes on the baby and try to actually “decorate” their baby . In the Asian sub continent countries still the old traditional way is used to make a baby look more charming by using Mehndi. Mehndi is the substance which makes Orange/ Brown shaded design on the human skin and it is removable as well.

Suggestions for Simple mehndi designs for babies:Suggestions for Simple mehndi designs for babies 01

Kids look good but as the kids at the younger age have small body structure and small hands so remember these things in mind for baby’s mehndi designs.

• Never make a complex mehndi design on kids hands

• As the hands are too small sometimes to make a design then make a mehndi design on the arm of a baby.Suggestions for Simple mehndi designs for babies 02

Simple Mehndi Designs for Babies, Babies always look good when they play and smile and a good simple mehndi design can actually help your baby to enjoy the design as well. The simple mehndi designs for babies can include a simple smiley shape or a design of a cartoon as well. Otherwise traditionally we see that a big flower or sun design is made on the hands of the babies which look pretty good as well.

Simple Mehndi Designs for feetSimple Mehndi Designs for feet 00

Feet are the part of the body which are paid least attention but you can make your feet look extremely watchable by applying a good and Simple Mehndi Designs for feet. There was a time when Mehndi was applied only on the hands or the arms of a girl but as the time changed the fashion changed as well and now the mehndi designs are made and crafted on almost every part of the body and girls can make tgeir feet look extremely cool and adorable by applying an attractive Simple Mehndi Designs for feet. When The Girls Apply mehndi on their feet.Simple Mehndi Designs for feet 01

There is no specific time or tradition to apply the mehndi on your feet but usually it has been observed that now the feet mehndi designs are integral part of a bridal makeup and the girls participating or attending a marriage ceremony or a party especially in India and Pakistan make the attractive and gorgeous mehndi designs on their feet. A good mehndi design on the feet can make your feet more watchable than anything.

Suggestions for Simple Mehndi Designs for feetSimple Mehndi Designs for feet 01

Girls should make it sure that the mehndi design on their feet is

• Decent and simple one

• When you have made a mehndi design on feet then try to wear such pair of sandal which don’t hid the mehndi design.

Simple Feet Mehndi DesignsSimple Mehndi Designs for feet 03

The simple mehndi design for feet are usually the

• Long Floral Patterns

• Abstract Art designs

Simple Mehndi Designs for LegsSimple Mehndi Designs for Legs 00

Mehndi makes the personality of a girl look more attractive and charming. Especially a bride looks even more beautiful an d attractive when her body is covered with some artistic design of mehndi and in the Sub Continents of India and Pakistan even a whole day of Wedding is called as “Mehndi” in which the Mehndi is applied on the hands, arms and feet of the bride. It is the utmost wish of a bride to look as beautiful as she can on her wedding night and therefore the mehndi designs gain high importance. Now the mehndi designs are applied not only hands, arms or feet but great and spectacular looking adorable mehndi designs are made on the legs as well.Simple Mehndi Designs for Legs 01

Though the this is a new tradition but the new era girls and brides in particular want to make themselves as attractive as they can and to make the legs look more good the mehndi has come to help the cause. Mehndi design on the legs are not as popular as on hands or arms but now they are becoming popular in the bridal makeup and brides apply good attractive mehndi designs from their knee to toe to make the legs charming.

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