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Simple Mehendi Designs 2017 According To Latest Fashion

The trend of Simple Mehendi Designs According To Latest Fashion is always in fashion, especially in Asian Countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In these countries women and girls love to get their hands and feet colored with mehendi designs. The choice of the mehendi design varies from country to country. There are many elegant designs which women and ladies draw on their hands and feet. Mehendi is considered one of the most imperative features a woman carries. Around the world and especially in Asian countries there would be no such women that would never wish to get her hands creatively designed by mehendi.Simple and trendy mehendi designs according to latest fashion 00

Mehendi is basically the application of paste for skin decoration, mostly popularized by Pakistani and the people in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and the Maldives. But now the tradition of mehendi is also spread to arab countries. Mehendi is considered a must thing in every occasion whether it is wedding or eid or and other occasion. Women and girls in Pakistan mostly apply simple mehendi designs on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. On the wedding mehendi gives beauty and decency to every the hands and feet of every women.Simple and trendy mehendi designs according to latest fashion 01

The types of mehendi designs which are drawn on the hands of women are royal mehendi designs, classical mehendi designs, african mehendi designs and other delicately drawn mehendi designs. Simple mehendi designs are drawn by the combination of flowers, spirals, petals and karries. The very famous and beautiful mehendi design mostly seen on the hands of women consists of a big round circle which in end gives a very beautiful color with very nice fragrance.Simple and trendy mehendi designs according to latest fashion 02

These Mehendi drawings are always in the form of symbols and lines and sometimes it has figures representing the weddings and other religious ceremonies. All the Mehendi designs are very easy and simple and can easily be mastered by armatures. Whenever there is a wedding so among all the bridal preparations and all the functions of wedding, the trendiest function is Mehendi. At times special beauticians are hired to apply Mehendi on the hands, arms and feet of bride and other girls.Simple and trendy mehendi designs according to latest fashion 03

The old and traditional mehendi designs were so simple and easy to draw. Those traditional mehendi designs were typical and mostly consists of a full fledge round mehendi spread in the center of the palm and the same mehendi spread was drawn on finger as well as on the nails of the hands. But with the passage of time the fashion trend changes and now the mehendi design consists of combination of lines and shapes and mix and match of flowers and pearls. The latest mehendi designs are more incredible and attractive.Simple and trendy mehendi designs according to latest fashion 05

For the mehendi it is believed in Pakistan and India specially that the darker the color of the mehendi of a girl will be on the plam the more successful married life that girl will have. In India the girls always apply mehendi on their religious celebration like Diwali, Teej and Karwachod. The variation in the mehendi designs varies and the variation depends on the culture, religious traditions and other ceremonies of the country.


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