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Simple Arabic Henna Designs For Hand And Feet

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Henna commonly named as Mehndi is a very common and traditional symbol of happiness. It is related to any traditional or cultural event. Amongst women it’s considered to be a kind of compulsory obligation to put mehndi on their palms and sometimes on arms and feet too on any festival whether it be religious or cultural. The culture of women outing mehndi on their skin is very old and is famous mostly among the Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan women. Previously in old days, there was no concept of designs in mehndi style. There used to be a standard design commonly known as ‘tikka.’ But now with the evolution in everything, the mehndi styles have also changed and emerge as something completely different and outclass from the former.


Different variations in mehndi designs have been introduced and put into different categories. Each category is influenced by the culture of certain area. Arabic mehndi design is one of them too. There is a huge variety of putting Arabic mehndi design which is said to enhance the beauty of a women’s personality. Women’s putting mehndi on them is one way of decorating themselves or is like wearing ornaments as it has become one of the important and compulsory item of an event specially weddings and Eids. As for every girl, Eid is considered to be incomplete without mehndi on their hands.


Easy-Arabic-Mehndi-Design For Arm And Hand

Moreover, mehndi is a temporary tool for decorating your skin in the Asian women’s culture. Skin decoration has also been evolving really fast in the western world but in foreign countries, it is termed as tattoos. The concept of tattoos is somewhat different from that of mehndi. Tattoos are permanent and their way of mechanism is also different. The art of putting mehndi is becoming very famous as there are many great artists who have showed up their talent. Not only this, now is it becoming a diverse business field in Asian world.

Simple Arabic Henna Designs For Womens

Simple Arabic Henna Designs For Womens

There are different kinds of mehndi patterns. Some are complex, some are simple and some lie in between the former two. Arabi mehndi design falls in the third category. Arabic mehndi designs are influenced by the Arabic culture designs. The patterns of this mehndi style constitutes of flowers, flowy ‘bails,’ peacocks etc. This pattern of mehnid design is trendy nowadays in Pakistan. Most of the women on their wedding day, demand Arabic mehndi design on their hands as the patterns on this category of henna designs are attractive and simple yet suitable.

Arabic Henna Designs for Feet

Henna has fantastic range which could enhance women’s individuality and allow the girl stylistic body gesture. Moreover, it’s important to mention here that the Arabic mehndi designs are very easy to make.  A specialist need not more than few minutes to make such designs. Mehndi cone is used to apply fine mehndi. But now another mehndi tools has been introduced which has thinner tip than the cone mehndi and gives out neater and quicker results. In Arabic world, mehndi is given much importance as it is also considered to be a sign of good luck for women.

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