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Show Stopping Bridal Dresses in New York City

The bridal fashion week in New York brings the best names in bridal industry every year. The famous designers and brands bring forth their latest ideas and creations to dazzle our eyes. Under the shimmering chandeliers a wide variety of fabulous dresses were presented for the audience.

Bridal Dresses Bridal Dresses in New York City

Short Dresses

Short bridal dresses are perfect to show off the slender, toned legs. They are ideal for brides with athletic body and legs. These halter mini bridal dress in New York City are a popular choice now. Short bridal dresses are mostly A-line.

Show Stopping Bridal Dresses in New York CityBridal Dresses in New York City

Metallic Touch

Rich gold and silver, glittering on the gowns make the bridal dresses in New York City more regal and stunning. They simply add to the flattering look of any bridal dress without over doing it. The metallic touch is usually confined to the bodice or sometimes on the edges. The surprising details add just the right amount of glam and glitter.

Off The White

Vera Wang did it again with shades of pink. Her spring bridal dresses collection included shades ranging from rose to fuchsia. The special eye catching features were the structured fabric flower along the skirt. Pink color being feminine flatters most skin tones. The gowns in black and white combination were also appreciated by the critics. Many gowns in colors feature an overlay of sheer material like lace or tulle, so that the color trend doesn’t take away the tradition too far.


Bridal dresses in NYC have witnessed a new trend lately. These are dresses with removable sleeves, skirt or jacket on the top. This enables the bride to have two different looks with a single outfit. The brides prefer to have a covering dress on the aisle and later for the reception a more revealing one. Mostly the skirts are removable as they pose a hindrance in free movement. The ball gown can be changed into a sleek looking, body hugging dress when the layers of skirt are removed. You can also surprise the audience with a sweet short dress after the ceremony by removing the rustling lower skirt.

Lace dresses

The lace is still in, long after the royal wedding. Lacy necklines adorned with beads and crystals leave no room for any jewelry. The classy lace wear is transformed into glamorous and glittery attire by adding pearls, beads and crystals. Long sleeves of lace or shoulder caps look very feminine and classy. The luxurious texture of lace imparts you the glam feel for your special day.

Bridal Dresses in New York CityBridal Dresses With Lace

Bridal Dresses Back Details

The details on the back are just as important as is the front of the dress. The dress should look perfect from every angle. The lace appliqué backs, done neatly present a unique blend of class and modernity. A simple line of beads or even buttons on a portrait back can be the trick sometimes. Even whimsical patterns on illusion backs can grab the attention. The subtle shimmer sparkles gracefully as the bride makes her way through the big day. A ruffled trail can also be a dramatic feature walking down the aisle.The beading on sheer surface or lace intricately makes the dress look more feminine.

Bridal Dresses From Back Side

Bridal Dresses Back Details

Bridal Dresses Show In New York City

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