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Scarves for Girls

Scarves for Girls

Scarves for Girls
Scarves for Girls

Now days scarf is more than just to make you warm in this chilly weather, as now scarves are something which adds zeal in your fashion statement and if we say that scarf is one of the hottest fashion accessories then I am sure nobody will disagree on that. A scarf definitely adds some style in a girl’s look- they make them more trendy and prominent and scarves around your neck enhances your poise as well as makes you warm in this kind of weather. Mostly scarves are made of chiffon, wool, silk and different other fabrics and most famous ones are usually hand knitted. There are many different styles of scarves available in the market from which you can choose according to your style and fashion statement. The main advantage of a scarf is that they go great with almost every outfit. Now it’s up to you that how you carry them. Well for your comfort and ease, I have shared some ideas and methods to tie a scarf which can enhance your look and will make you prominent in the crowd.

French Twist French Twist Scarves for Girls 01

Don’t frighten yourself with its name as it’s really easy to French twist a scarf, for this you just need to fold a scarf in half and put it around your shoulders then take one end and pull it over under the scarf loop and lastly just do the same with the other loose end.

The Necklace The Necklace Scarves for Girls 01

Fold a scarf in half, take the diagonal ends and tie them together, put it over your neck and then twist and loop it again.

Cozy neck wrapCozy neck wrap Scarves for Girls 01

Make a long scarf loop twice around your neck, tie the ends in a half knot and just tuck them under the scarf loop.

Neck WrapNeck Wrap Scarves for Girls01

Make a loop of a long scarf around your neck, make a half knot with the long ends which are around your neck and then pull the fabric of neck loop over the half knot.

Classic LoopClassic Loop Scarves for Girls 01

It is the most common way to carry a scarf and for this you just need to wrap the scarf around your neck and just allow the both ends hang.

Classic Pull ThroughClassic Pull Through Scarves for Girls 01

It’s classy and most of the all it’s easy and looks good, just a little change up in the classic loop, and in this you will take the loosing ends of the front and pull them through the loop.

Double LoopDouble Loop Scarves for Girls 01

Just wrap the scarf around your neck twice, take one end and pull it over and down through the loops. Lastly tie the ends together.

Knotted ShawlKnotted Shawl Scarves for Girls 01

As shawls are common in this chilly weather and most of the all it prevents you from the cold weather hazards so I thought why not to add this shawl wrap. It is just a slightly modernized version to wear a shawl; you can try this with your scarf too.

For this put the scarf around your shoulders like a shawl and tie the knots of both the ends in equality at your back, pull those end tight up and high on the back and in the end just pull the fabric down to cover the ends.

So what’s your unique style to carry a scarf?

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