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Sania Mirza’s Wedding Makeup

Sania Mirza wedding, while the entire world was willing to check whether her wedding would happen, I was holding up to perceive how she would get spruced up on her BIG Day. Her outfits appear to be alright if not incredible however it is the cosmetics which disappointed me to a great degree.

Going to Sania’s wedding, admirably the first thing we perceive is her exaggerated cosmetics. Cosmetics totally covered her unique skin color and concealed her facial peculiarities. It could have been much better if the cosmetics were lighter and establishment all the more near her skin shade. It is truly sweet of wearing her mother’s saree on the wedding day, however I wish it was hung in a fitting way and not certain why she is holding grip (little tote) which completely doesn’t bode well. Even though she resembles a doll on Sangeet function, her cosmetics is again overcompensated. Her dress could have been much better. Grip completely not required for a spouse.

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Gathering cosmetics looks at long last well done. Not certain about the dress whether it is a saree or salwar suit.

So Ladies… everything throughout wedding could be overpowering however verify you wear the right cosmetics. Here are the wedding cosmetics tips:

1. Contract a well known beautician

2. You can just ask to do test cosmetics even though it is minimal more cash however you can verify wedding day goes great

3. Establishment ought to match your skin color. Particularly on the off chance that you are whitish color don’t strive for lite shade establishment.

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