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Julia Robert’s professional life is an example of extreme struggle while enduring a great deal of chaos in her personal life. She never let her personal life issues affect her bright carrier. She had affairs with Hollywood actors, she married twice and now she has three children from her second marriage.

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Early life of Julia Robert:

Julia Robert was born in Georgia and she was only 4 years old when her parents got separated and then she lived with her mother and sister. She was quite plain and simple girl that she never dreamt of being a famous actress.

Her father died of malignant disease of cancer and his brother Erik who was living with him at that time started his carrier as an actor in a soap opera name “ANOTHER WORLD”. Then he continued his struggle and he became a successful actor overnight due to his popular film “THE KING OF GYPSIES”. She has joined many charities programs and she has turned from a Christian to Hindu after her film “EAT PRAY LOVE”. She stands among the most sought after personalities in Hollywood.

Initial era of Struggle:

Julia Robert entered into film industry by playing a role with her brother in a film. This was the time when Julie Robert (previous name) turned to Julia Robert. It was her film “MYSTIC PIZZA” which gave her a sufficient chance to show her talent. Then she got opportunities to play serious role. After these role, she got a comic-romantic film name “PRETTY WOMAN” from which she got tremendous success and the film itself was a great hit. This movie was a ladder to her success.

Gaining Popularity:

After her first success in Pretty Woman, she did a movie name “SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY” in which she played a role of ill-treated wife. Then there came many popular, not so popular and average movies. Some of the well-known movies she acted in were: NOTHING HILL, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, MY BEST FRIEND WEDDING, STEEL MAGNOLIAS, and many more which added to more shine to her stardom.

Julia Robert’s Personal life:

After entering into Hollywood, she had affair with, Liam Neeson, Jason Patric, Dylan McDermott, Kiefer Sutherland and Matthew Perry (all are actors). In the year of 1993, she married a singer name “LYLE LOVET”. This marriage remained only two years and after getting divorce, she had an affair with actor “BENJAMIN BRAT”. Then she married Daniel Moder (cameraman) in 2002 and now they have 3 children She has disclosed that she use to practice HINDUISM. She also renamed her children as Hindus. She is known to be a very charitable personality. She was a Christian but them she adopted Hinduism as her religion when she was acting in her film “EAT, PRAY, LOVE” which is based on a novel written by “ELIZEBETH GILLBERT” which is a biography.

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Peak of her Carrier:

There was a time in her carrier when she used to charge 300,000 dollar for playing a lead role in a movie. Now she is considered one of the highest-paid artists in Hollywood. By some magazines she is considered in top most beautiful people of the world and she is acknowledged as one of the hottest actresses in industry. Now she is not only an actress but also a producer.

Julia Roberts Hot Wallpapers

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