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Review About Jacqueline Fernandez Hot

Jacqueline Fernandez HotJacqueline Fernandez, the beautiful woman, was born in 1985 at 2nd June. Her mother is a Malaysian with the name of Kim, and her father Elroy Fernandez is a Sri Lankan. She is an older sister and has two lovely brothers. When Jacqueline was young, at that time her parents moved to Bahrain.

Soon thereafter her schooling in Bahrain, she was granted a Scholarship to learn to read by going to the University of Sydney, where she followed a grade in Media and Communications in Sydney, Australia. Having a love for civilizations and spoken language she likewise connected the Berlitz School of languages, the place where she acquired to talk Spanish and meliorate her French and Arabic. In 2006, she was topped the Miss Sri Lanka as a way for Miss Universe 2006 in March, 2006 and then taken part in Miss Universe 2006. Shortly after acquiring Miss Sri Lanka championship in 2006, she come at the world of Bollywood and then started her career by acting on Bollywood movies.

Jacqueline Fernandez came to Mumbai for acting. She started her career with the movie Aladin(2009). After then Jacqueline Fernandez got lots of Bollywood movies in which this hot actress play her role very well. She made very good appearance in the Farah Khan’s brother movie Housefull. She is the best actress, best sister and has an elegant beauty at all. That is the review about Jacqueline Fernandez Hot.

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