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Quick and Easy Hairstyles for College Girls

Nothing is like a young blood. The college life is the best of all when there are no more school restrictions, no parents’ complains and most of all you are not a teen! College life lets you get the most out of yourself; in short you are truly you!


So we are here dedicating this piece of writing to our young charming college girls, we will share with you some Quick and Easy Hairstyles for College Girls so that you never go out college in rough undo hairs! These styles will help you quickly style your mornings and rock the whole day. Everything you wear in this age is your sign of freedom; you are free to try anything new, bold or even weird because you are a college bird and people know that everything you do is your right. You are young and you are free.

Katherine Heigl in Simple Hair StyleKatherine Heigl in Simple Hair Style

Here we will share some Quick and Easy Hairstyles for College Girls that are easy, simple and will give you a spot light too! Guaranteed.

Partially tied wavy hairs:

If you have natural wavy hairs then good for you however if you have sleek straight hairs, then wash your hairs at night, make as many beards of your hairs as you can. In morning open them up and brush very lightly or don’t. Take side sections of your hairs from front and tie them back with a glittery pin. You are ready to go princess.

Partially tied wavy hairs For Round Faces


Silky straight hairs with bangsPenelope Cruz Silky straight hairs

Silky straight hairs with bangs:

Naturally straight hairs? Pretty good for you otherwise use a straightening iron to give your hairs a flat straight look. With bangs on front and rest of the hairs open, you are ready to go. For glow, use golden steaks on side hairs. Also use a serum before straightening to make them silky.

Silky straight hairs with bangsSilky straight hairs with bangs For Girls


Kristen Stewart in Side Braid Hair StyleSimple side braid:

Braids are inn this season. A side braid is beautiful and cute. Side sections your hairs and from a broader side section start making a braid and tie it back with a pin. This style will give you a quick trendy look.

Simple side braidSimple side braid Style For Womens

Twisted tied hairs:

Feel like a decent college girl this morning? Here is a simple trick, part your hairs from middle on front and grab some pins in advance. Twist your hairs from front one side and pin them, do the same on the second side, at the back of your hairs make a simple bun or a French tail or a high pony according to your choice. It gives an elegant look in summer mornings.

Simple Twisted tied hairs For School Girls

Rough curly hairs:

Do not tie your hairs this morning, set them free. Rough is good sometimes. Use a curling iron to curl your hairs from root to tips, do not brush just set them up with your fingers and apply a hair setting spray so that curls stay in place.

Rough curly hairstyles

Hope you like these Quick and Easy Hairstyles for College Girls and will give them a try. Apart from styling what is most important is your health. Your body and hairs shall be healthy, eat fresh and take good care of your hairs. Trim them regularly, wash them to get the dirt off and then apply conditioner. Moisturizing and nourishing is very important, if your hairs are healthy naturally, any style can be your next pick!

Quick and Easy Hairstyles Gallery:

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