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Princess Diana’s Makeup Artist Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

The cosmetics craftsman who made some of Princess Diana’s most famous looks says the princess was an “unfathomably lovely” lady who utilized a couple of privileged insights to considerably further improve her look. “She understood her best gimmicks were her eyes,” cosmetics craftsman Mary Greenwell told ABC News’ Lama Hasan of the late Princess of Wales. “She had stunning bone structure and lovely skin.”

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Greenwell first started working with Princess Diana in 1991, on a Vogue magazine photograph shoot that is credited with helping the Royal create her mark look.

“She was so adolescent she didn’t have to wear so much cosmetics,” Greenwell said. “She didn’t require a solid mouth. She needed a naked mouth, a delicate mouth.”

“This is ordinary of what I would have utilized on Diana,” Greenwell said, indicating a palette of delicate and quieted tan shades.

The princess, who kicked the bucket 17 years prior in a Paris auto collision at 36 years old, had “astonishing skin,” as per Greenwell, yet needed to utilize cosmetics in light of the spotlight she was under.

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