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Pakistani Hijab Styles For Summers

With the invading western culture in Pakistan, a large number of people are moving more towards their Islamic principles and obligations. For this very same reason, the number of women who like to cover their head with hijab is also increasing resulting as an increase in hijab trends in Pakistan. The more advanced women prefer modern hijabs depending on the season and their face cuts instead of typical black cloth.

Eye catching Hijab StyleEye Catching Hijab Style For Womens

Muslim women can enjoy independence as well as a protective sheath using hijab. The latest hijab trends in Pakistan are promoting the use of hijabs which promote style as well as fulfill the purpose of coverage. A Muslim woman should be proud of what Islamic Culture has given her: the right to fulfill her desire to follow latest trends, while keeping in view the Islamic obligations.

Designers’ Hijabs

Even some fashion designers are now working to provide women with beautiful and glamorous hijabs and abayas. So if you are a fashion enthusiastic, even then you can wear hijabs while following latest hijab trend in Pakistan promoted by some very prestigious and talented fashion designers of Pakistan. For example Attiya Khan, is one of those designers whose main focus is designing intricate and unique scarves and hijabs for women while keeping in view the actual purpose of hijab.

Color full Hijab StyleColor full Hijab Style for Girls

Hijab Style According to Face Cuts

While wearing hijabs, it is often better to keep in view your face cut as there are different hijab styles that suit different face cuts more than the other ones. For example, let us talk about the hijab styles for long faces. Long faces are those which have high foreheads and a high hairline. With such a face cut, the hijab styling is usually quite easy. The hijab trends in Pakistan include many different styles of hijab according to different face cuts. It is up to you if you want to reveal your whole forehead or not. Using head jewellery like tikkas along with hijab also suit on long faces. People with long faces can easily pull off the pastey round forehead hijab style. Similarly they can adopt the traditional hooded look which will reveal the forehead moderately or even a criss cross style suits long faces.

Hijabs Style for Summers

With increasing temperature in Pakistan, the women who wear hijab are going to face some difficulty in carrying hijab. But to ease their difficulty, the designers bring new hijab styles for summer every year.

Beautiful Hijab StylesEmbroidered Hijabs Style for Summers

These hijab styles are designed by keeping in view the high temperature in which wearing hijab can cause a lot of perspiration and suffocation. In summers mostly thin fabric hijab trend in Pakistan is followed. These include hijabs of cotton, lawn, chiffon or net. Hijabs that are thin and light weight are easy to carry in summers. Apart from fabric, the patterns and colors of hijabs are also different in summer season. In summers, mostly hijabs with floral patterns are preferred as they seem beautiful and fresh in summers.

No matter what season it is and what type of face cut you have, hijab suits everyone. It is a blessing for every Muslim woman that Islam has given her this honor of draping herself with graceful hijabs and the increasing hijab trends in Pakistan also makes it easier for ladies to wear them.

Latest Hijab Styles Gallery

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