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New and Trendy Saudi Hijab Styles 2014

Hijab is an important part of the Islamic dress code for women. Saudi Arabia has strict rules regarding hijab and women covering their bodies properly and decently. It is obligatory for women to wear hijab when out and about. Under these circumstances new and trendy Saudi hijab styles are need of the day. The obligation for women to completely cover themselves in abayas and wear hijabs does not leave such room for innovation. Yet, it is human nature to find something that conforms with their requirements and can satisfy their sense of aesthetic as well. The new and trendy Saudi hijab styles are an example. Hijab is not only an obligation for women but it also imparts self respect and boosts their self esteem. It offers them guard against molestation on public places.

New and Trendy Saudi Hijab Styles # 60

New and trendy Saudi hijab styles are not only for professional and working women, but also for domestic women and girls who go to schools or colleges. The basic thing to be kept in mind is that whatever style is adapted, it should not expose any hair. Hijabs make a drastic change in appearance when combined with the right color and outfit.

The most common and trendy Saudi hijab style is with a head band on the forehead. The head band either matches the scarf or compliments in a different or contrasting tone. The head bands are usually made of cotton worn on the forehead to keep any hair from escaping. The head band also keeps the hijab in place and provides it a platform for the scarf to be arranged on. This style is very convenient for working women as it is not time consuming and stays in place throughout the day. Mostly the hijab is made of cotton or wool(for winter) as they are comfortable and easy to manage. This style is also practical for lighter materials like chiffon or silk; as they do not tend to remain on head otherwise.

New and Trendy Saudi Hijab Styles

Turban style is another popular and trendy Saudi hijab style. It is usually done when the outfit has high collars and you want your dress to out stand rather than covering the top. It also highlights the accessories complimenting the outfit. The hijab is wrapped and then tied on one side of the head. This style is suitable for women with small and round face shape.

New and trendy Saudi hijab styles also imply mixing two scarves together. The colors and materials of the hijab are related to the dresses. The see through and net scarves, which otherwise seem to be useless; can be used in this style. This way the mesh does not make your hair visible and also there is not a heavy bulk on the head, as there would be if putting on two scarves together . The chiffon and net scarves which are mostly used with a head cap to be worn under them can also be utilized beautifully and in a stylish manner with this style.

The latest buzz in the collection of new and trendy Saudi hijab styles is from HRH Princess Ameera AltAweel. She was spotted clad in a purple hijab with her billionaire husband, Prince Waleed Bin Talal. The princess has been spotted at numerous occasions without hijab during international exposure. But back home obviously always clad in abaya. She donned a different look this time than the usual black hijab worn with abaya. The princess being a celebrity spotted in this style is definitely going to be viral for the commons, especially for teens and young girls, as she is considered to be a style icon by many and her styles become trends quickly.

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