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Mesmerizing Bridal Dresses in Pakistan

The breathtaking bridal dresses in Pakistan make the weddings a joyous and memorable experience. The fine fabrics and beautiful embellishments are a treat for the eyes of the on lookers. Nowadays, people work with the designers and the craftsmen to create a custom made ensemble for their special day.

Bridal Dresses in PakistanBridal Dresses in Pakistan

Long Shirts

For bridal dresses in Pakistan the shirt on top of lehangas is long these days. The longer shirts have lessened the ornamentation on the lehanga. Usually, a heavy border with embellishments on the lehanga accompanies the heavy shirts. The long, front open shirts are donned with embroidery, pearls, sequins, beads, cut glass and crystals etc. the long shirts with long ornamented dupattas give poise and regal touch to the bride on her special day.

Dresses with Trail

Inspired from the bridal dresses in fashion in the western countries, the lehangas in bridal dresses in Pakistan are also coming with long trails at the back. The trails of soft, flowy fabrics give a majestic look to the whole attire. This bridal dress has become very popular in Pakistan. The brides prefer trailed gowns over the traditional lehangas now. The gowns usually consist of layers of fabrics, which give it the necessary volume and body.

Frocks and Anarkali

Like the bridal dresses in India, kalidar frocks have made their way in Pakistan too. Foot long shirts and frocks are already in since a couple of year now. So, the bridal dress designers have taken the same idea to bridal dress in Pakistan. The frocks are also made of lighter fabrics like chiffon, silk or nets, but other materials are also used.

The borders of brocade, velvet and lace ornamented with different materials like beads, sequins, cut glass, zardosi, and kundan in different motifs make them a special treat for everyone. Rich raw silk and jamawar edges also add body to the attire. Churidaar of a contrasting color complete the whole look with a touch of gentleness.

Gold is Old Bridal Dresses in Pakistan

Bridal Dresses in Pakistan

In contrast to the old saying, gold is still a part of bridal dresses in Pakistan. But, along with traditional red, the addition of all possible colors and hues in the bridal collection, the inevitable golden color is replaced by silver antique looking work and white pearls and crystals. Gold is still the hot favorite as it makes the bridal wear glorious and majestic. But, the addition of colors and silver instead of golden embellishments also look beautiful and striking. It is the ideal choice of the people who are looking for something different and captivating on the gorgeous occasion.

Wedding Gowns and Maxis

Bridal Dresses in Pakistan

Another latest trend bridal dress style in Pakistan is of gowns and maxis. The gowns are made from all kinds of exquisite materials from velvet to silk organza, depending on the cuts and the design of the ensemble. After the famous designers’ collections, you can find wedding gowns everywhere now. The use of finest materials gives a luscious look to the whole attire. The ornamentation’s give a radiant and fairytale look to the bride, which is every girl’s dream for her unique and joyous perfect day of her life. Astonishing motifs and designs give the essential ravishing look that facelift the whole personality of the bride.

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