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There is no marriage event complete without mehndi, Mehndi Fashion is increasing day by day.  Pakistan is also moving up with the fashion trends along many other countries. But some fashion never to be removed or altered in events. Same mehndi or henna trend never forget or changed in marriage ceremonies. Pakistani and Indian culture have some traditional morals,  Mehndi is one of the combined function of indo-pak. Pakistani, Indian and Rajasthani mehndi designs are most renowned in the world. There are many designers working on mehndi these days.Such designers have worked very hard in bringing new culture and designs to life.

Mehndi is an ancient ceremonial art form that originated in ancient Asia and later spread its way through many other countries including Arabia. We also Use mehndi as a sunna.  So in many Muslim countries it has a religious impact also. Mehndi is considered the soul of weddings, a bride never ready unless she has decorated her hands and feet the beauty of mehndi. The function of mehndi or the mehndi function is one of the most important and significant pre wedding function. All family members, especially bachelor girls gather and apply beautiful mehndi designs on the hands and feet of the bride, sometimes the bride is filled with mehndi from hand to elbow making her look more fascinating. Some say that a design darker in color is a sign of pure love, affection and loyalty from the husband.

As the time has passed mehndi designs have also changed their trends. In Past bridle hands were fully covered in henna and the most common designs were block designs or tikka on palm side.  But as many other trends have changed, mehndi has also found its paths with time. Arabic mehndi designs are nowadays first choice of brides. Arabic mehndi designs are known for their complicated and difficult pattern but that is which is makes it more beautiful preferable to brides. There are many Arabic mehndi formations such as Floral, Pattern, Peacock and Motif styling

Floral designs are basically beautiful floral patterns drawn in the form of a floral vine on the hand. They are easy to draw then peacock and motif designs.

Pattern mehndi designs are a little difficult to make on hand and legs but they have their beauty and charm.

Peacock and motif designs have same pattern but they are most preferred by the brides because of their eye catching designs.

In addition, Back side of the hands is also decorated different patterns including floral vines, motifs and some traditional families also use beautiful new designs of goltikki.For feet floral and motif designs are preferred. The use of glitters give a more charming and attractive look to mehndi.



ü  Mix lemon juice with sugar and apply it on hands

ü  Smoothly apply vicks, when the mehndi dries off.

ü  Don’t wash it before 5-6 hours of drying

ü  Avoid contact with water, once its off try avoiding water for at least 12 hours

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