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Mehndi Designs 2014 – Style for Every One

Mehndi Designs 2014Mehndi is a vital part of Indian and Pakistani society. Ladies do Mehndi to decorate them-self and to give a vivid look to their vicinity. The ground glue of henna leaves is utilized to make mehndi designs 2014 in hands and leg. It is much the same as tattoo yet it is not perpetual like tattoo. Henna is having great medicinal qualities so utilizing it on you figure is not unsafe.

In Pakistan mehndi is an unavoidable part in their relational unions and capacities. It has turned into an image of craftsmanship and society in Pakistan. Mehndi outlines of Pakistan have the external line is carried out by dark mehndi and inside is finished with other mehndi colors, some opportunity with lighter tone. It is holds Indian and Arabian varieties of mehndi and they took the mehndi to another level with their social craftsmanship. It holds the customary Muslim craft developed from Arabia and universal Indian craftsmanship from India.


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Mehndi is essentially a transitory embellishment on the skin. Numerous individuals likewise consider it a provisional tattoo. It is connected by ladies with hands and feet in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and Arab nations. They are connected with weddings and additionally Muslim and Hindu celebrations.

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