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Medium Hairstyles – Popular Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Auburn Aura

You can have a great opportunity to highlight your shiny and smooth hair by having medium length  haircuts. The texture bangs and angled layered on the front make this hair cut very elegant and you may look awesome in such medium length haircuts.

How to Style:

As it is recommended always, use any good hair product to style your hair after getting out of towel dry or shower.

• To remove the most of your moisture of hair, use blow dryer. By using a paddle brush, you can make your hair look smooth and nice.

• Just be sure that you have a blow dryer and one medium sized brush in round shaped and blow dry the section of hair that is medium sized beginning from neck.

• Blow dry your hair bangs down and forward.

• Bevel your hair towards and under the face with the help of flat iron. You can also use the iron for enhancing shine and smoothness to your hair bangs or any other section which need it.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

This hair style will look awesome on all shapes of face. The girls, who have already a lot of or thick hair, will look best with thicker hair bangs. The straighter your hair is, the easier it would be to adopt this superb hair style.


Be sure that amount of the hair that you have chosen is in right proportion with the total amount of hair you naturally have. If you have thick hair, you must choose thicker one hair bangs. While on the other hand, if your hair is thin you must opt for lighter hair bangs.

Seductive Waves

This is one of the cutest medium length haircuts. Make your hair look soft with these thick waves that ascent and fall with stylishness and grace. This look again flaunts how a simple hair cut with no layering can look astounding.

How to Style:

Blow dry hair with a round brush or paddle brush to make smooth appearance. When hair is totally dry take a big barrel hair curler then take vertical section of hair of medium sized, beginning at the face, and curl back and far from your face. When you have done curling then spray with a light hold hairspray or composition spread.

Take a small or bit amount of serum in your hands and rub slightly, pull it to your hair curls to make them look loose and break them up little more.

Best Face Shapes & Hair Types:

This is considered as one of the easiest medium length haircuts and is suitable and fit for almost all shaped faces as it just softens the shape of your jaw line. This type of medium length haircut is superb for the girls who have naturally curly hair.


If you are using curling iron for hair bangs, you must have to curl quickly otherwise you can get too much rolled hair bangs. Try to use flat iron.

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