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MARRY POPPINS AMONG 25 US FILMS TO BE PRESERVEDPreserving the Film history have always been an important aspect of the cultural heritage. Many beautiful films that placed the basis of cinema are destroyed till now. Many people, organizations and websites have been working on preservation of cinematic media. Library of congress is doing a remarkable job in preserving the films that made the history of cinema, so that future generations can watch them and learn about the history of Hollywood cinema.

Librarian of congress James Billington said that “old films are endangered of being lost so we must protect the nation’s matchless film heritage.” The registry has been joined by the films of silent era including “Daughter of Dawn”, “A Virtuous vamp” and “Ella Cinders”. The other classic films include “The Quiet Man”, ‘Pulp Fiction” & “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf”, “Forbidden Planet”, “The Right Stuff” & “judgment at Nuremberg” are also included in the list. “Roger And Me”, “Cicero March”, “Decasia” and “Man & Dust” are included in documentaries.

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On Wednesday, the library of congress announced 25 films to be preserved for this year. The films chosen must be 10 years old. Disney classic of 1964, Marry Poppins is one of the 25 films selected by the library of Congress for cinematic preservation due to their historical significance.

Program coordinator for the library’s national film preservation board said that “Marry Poppins has been on the short list of picks many times before.”Marry Poppins is surely a film of history. It is a musical fantasy film that was directed in 1964 by Robert Stevenson and produced by Walt Disney. It is based on a book named the same as the movie written by P.L. Travers. The cast of the movie included Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke as lead and Karen Dotrice &Matthew Garber as child artist.

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The story revolves around two undisciplined children and their dysfunctional family and their nanny Marry Poppins, a magical loving woman who descends down from the sky in response to the children advertisement for a nanny. She is a woman with extraordinary powers and magic. She fills the life of the children with fantasy and fun. And at last reunites the family and fills the gaps between the children and their father.


The movie is a musical based movie and all the songs in the movie were written and composed by Robert B. Sherman & Richard M. Sherman.The library of congress is doing a very great work in preservation of these films. The Packard campus of library for Audio visual conservation makes sure that the films are preserved for future generations by many different programs such as library’s motion picture preservation program or motion-picture studios or individual film makers. The Library was founded in 1800 and is the oldest cultural institute, working its way in preservation of the cinematic heritage.

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