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Look beautiful with Rajasthani mehndi designs!

Hey guys the wedding season has arrived and you must be busy attending the happy occasions. Guess what this time we thought of bringing some different topic of your interest which can assist you in preparing for weddings and that is the mehndi designs. Excited enough? No, not yet. This is not the simple mehndi that we are talking about here. It is the most popular and loved one, the rajasthani mehndi, not mentioning this mehndi would be total injustice to the status it attains in the entire henna collection.

through trendy Rajasthani mehndi 00

The Rajasthani mehndi designs, a red design prized for its deep hue is applied by not only a Rajasthani women but also by other women all over the globe as adornment for different fairs or festivals. The different designs often have specific meanings. For example one design may represent love between a husband and a wife. Rajasthani mehndi designs are known for its royal and unique designs which give a feeling of immense pleasure when applied. Even the girls who don’t like mehndi they never refuse to apply rajasthani mehndi designs because of the artistic way it is applied on hands. Rajasthani mehndi designs are the superlative examples of the culture, code of conduct and folk of rajasthan, all of the beautiful aspects in one traditional way is shown on hands with utter professionalism.

through trendy Rajasthani mehndi 01

Rajasthani mehndi designs have this specialty of the mirror reflecting art that is produced out it. It is considered the most difficult from of design. On both hands and legs the identical designs are made which on completion provide a complementary look to each other. The breathtakingly beautiful rajasthani mehndi designs made of flowers, peacock and leaves has thrown the other mehndis out of the business in very short time. The fragrance is irresistible and very soothing too. Another popular design is that of the traditional motifs. Here instead of using flowers the entire palm is applied with designs of leaves plus the tips of the fingers are covered with henna. The design on the hand is kept very basic with only angular designs.

One of the mostly applied rajasthani mahendi designs is that of a big flower motif along with the leaves on top and bottom. The sides of the palms are covered with veil sheet design which extends till the length of the hands. The tips of the fingers are covered with extended leaves and decorated elephants on both the ends giving it a traditional Rajasthani look.

rajasthani mehndi designs for legs

So guys we hope you must have realized the importance of rajasthani mehndi designs if you want to look different and apart from others on wedding occasions. This mehndi gives you a sense of fabulous and classy look that is the demand of girls nowadays. It is not restricted to only weddings but is suitable for any occasion you like. Now women apply it not only on hands but also on other body parts too like neck.

Act smart and just apply these elegant yet descent and awe-strikingly stunning rajasthani mehndi designs and do let us know about them.

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