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Henna or mehndi as we commonly know it is a very famous tradition set by people to apply it on their hands on every event. Many women often wear mehndi whenever the color of the previous mehndi seems to be fading away. Some women wear mehndi on Eid or wedding events. There are various designs of getting henna on your hand. There are professional people available in the market who help in giving you an amazing design of henna whenever you need it. Whether it is some occasion or you want mehndi for some other reason, you can follow many designs. There are thousands of designs for wearing henna. In the previous times women got a circled design of henna on their hands and got fingers painted with henna. This was a very common design that was followed in almost all parts of the world. Then gradually women started to bring out the flowers, bails and other designs for getting mehndi on their hands. These designs can be given by anyone who is good in drawing. The fashion craze for getting mehndi began when women wanted to get their hands full of henna. As time passed, women started to find fewer areas covered with mehndi more attractive and thus the trend set forward.

The design of getting circled mehndi on hands is again in fashion and women get these circles for various events. It feels amazing when you have your hands covered with mehndi and the smell of it is simple amazing. Many people love the smell of mehndi and love to get it on their hands but on the other hand many women simply hate the smell and avoid getting mehndi. Mehndi is also followed as a sunnat and women who are religious have mehndi on their hands all the time.

Mehndi gives a person a really warm feeling. It is amazing when you can see beautiful designs on your hands and get the beautiful smell. Women get out on streets on Eid occasions to get mehndi on their hands by professionals. These mehndi styles are the ones you ask them by choosing from the book they have. A professional designer takes maximum of 15 minutes and get complete mehndi on a woman’s hand. Women enjoy getting mehndi on their hands and this feeling is amazing when you are getting a beautiful design on your hands.

The designs of mehndi keep increasing each time a new trend is set. There are  many designs in this site to follow and you can get any type of design on your hand. These days womens like  small design on your hand to one side looks really elegant. Girls don’t prefer wearing full mehndi on their hands and thus everyone likes to have one sided mehndi. It looks pretty and doesn’t over look your dress. Whether you’re getting mehndi for a wedding or for Eid occasion, you can get light mehndi which can compliment your dress and don’t over look it. This can gives you an amazing look and you feel proud.

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