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Latest Bridal Dresses in Pakistan

Bridal dress is the most astounding feature of a wedding. The brides to be spend lot of energy, effort and time to find a dreamy dress for their big day. The fashion shows held for this purpose display the latest bridal dresses in Pakistan.

bridal dresses in Pakistan

Flora and Fauna

Floral details have always been an important part of wedding gowns. From intricate embroidered patterns to oversized flowers on the front or back or shoulder, floral accent impart freshness to the bridal dresses in Pakistan. Roses being the all-time favorite are now replaced with a number of other flowers and vines.

bridal dresses in Pakistan

Beaded Bodice

Beaded bodice is the ultimate choice for those who want to emphasize their bust area. They are never out of fashion. Heavily packed with beads or just an intricate design on the top; either way it goes perfectly saving the bride any extra effort to go for extra jewelry.

bridal dresses in Pakistan

The Simpler, the Better

A practical idea among the bridal dresses in Pakistan for the brides who don’t like extravagant gowns are simple, practical gowns. Yes, you can have a bridal dress without the formal bodice, corset or even the huge puffy skirt. The idea is to make it simple and easy to carry. The massive ball gowns are replaced with skirt of light, soft fabric which makes the movement easier and manageable. The simple drapes are no less than heavily embellished gowns for those who love fluid shapes and clean lines.

Simpler gowns with fewer layers are very in these days. Cuts close to the body are making their way into the bridal dresses in Pakistan.

bridal dresses in Pakistan

Illusion Straps

For the brides who cannot dare to go for strapless gowns for the risk of lack of support, finally here is the solution. The illusion straps are the savior. This ingenious idea has saved the life of many. The embellishments continue to the shoulders to blend in.

Daringly Different

Asymmetrical mermaid dress is a daring new twist in bridal dresses in Pakistan. The S- shape flaunts the curves as it goes down hugging the body. The figure looks more slimming and elongated. A must have for those who want something different while craving the traditional style. Backs Are Back Hollywood inspired vintage backs are back. Ranging from plunging backs to backs embellished with beads and so on, they put on a 3-D show for the on lookers. The cut out sheer backs are also amazing. Embroidery and embellishments make the bridal dress shine from every angle.

bridal dresses in Pakistan


A little something can go a long way; this is be true for weddings too. A tiara or a delicate head piece can do the trick. A complimenting sash can be the answer to an otherwise simple gown. It adds glimmer and sparkle to a simple dress. A crystal brooch on the front can be the wow factor as well. With strapless gowns, a veil beautifully carried veil is enough. For a spring wedding the complimenting accessory in a different color looks adorable.

Think Pink

The latest buzz in bridal dresses in Pakistan is the colored gowns and top of the list is pink. It is flattering and no wonder girls’ favorite.

bridal dresses in Pakistan

Latest bridal dresses in Pakistan Gallery

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