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Add some chunky and choppy layers to add wonderful touch. Whether you have a pixie, bob, or a-line haircut, adding some grit or defining layers into your hair look will really change the shape and make short Choppy Hairstyles more interesting and graceful.

Angled Elegance

Take cinnamon and flavor up an intent with astoundingly shaded highlights and low lights. Long thick bits of hair around the front are superbly separated from the decreased back. More detached layers in the hair bangs help add a multi layered direction to these short choppy hairstyles.

Step by step instructions:

1. Protect your hair from high temperature and blow-dry your hair with the help of paddle brush or a round brush to add smoothness.

2. When hair is totally and completely dry, segment out a little range at your neck and use flat iron.

3. Continue dropping down segments of hair and also flat ironing so you get an entirely sleek impact.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Heart and round shaped faces are the ideals shapes for this choppy hair style for short hair. Thin or thick, both type of hair will work for this hair style. This style will go best for straight hair.Tip: You do no need to have hair bangs to carry this hair style. Keep your hair longer and you will still have a beautiful appearance.

Cutting Edge

This shaped out edge makes a unique effect all around the face. Keeping whatever is left of the layers long and smooth truly makes the front choppy pieces emerge. Profound raspberry highlights include a pop of color all around this sketchy hair styling.


1. Apply smoothing items to your hair before you blow dry and utilize a paddle brush or any round brush to blow dry your whole head. Truly pull the hair towards the face when you are drying.

2. Section out hair so you can use flat iron to little bits of hair making them straight and smooth. Once more, draw the hair towards the face to frame your face in a real way by flat ironing.

Copper Escape

Exquisite copper and gold hair sparkles as its tousled about. Barbed ends are full of splendid surface and fun part. The end appears to move around the face and look extraordinary with the etched pieces around the jaw line. Making the layers medium to long provide a huge amount of movement and great volume to this short choppy hair style Method to Style:

1. To get the most volume out of your haircut, attempt blow-drying your hair upside down with the help of a paddle brush.

2. Remove the vast majority of the dampness from your hair then flip your hair back right side up and utilize a round brush to complete the ends of hair and adjust them in inward direction.

3. Part your hair way over to the side to make that gigantic voluminous peak on top of your head. Finally your beautiful short choppy hair style is ready.

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