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How To Grow Out Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy hairs are the new sexy. Numerous celebrities have grown iconic short wavy hairstyles that will make anyone envy at their style. Short Wavy hairstyles are difficult to maintain and grow but with tons of hair products available in the market which make it a matter of minutes to take it from straight to wavy.

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If you have natural wavy hairs but you don’t feel very good about it because of the consistent pain of taking extra care and the inability to keep long hairs, your worries are not real. Short Wavy hairstyles are in fashion. If you want to grow out short  wavy hairstyle, you should follow the steps below.


One of the things you should do while growing out short wavy hairstyle; is to grow them in stages. This will minimize the amount of time you expend “in-between” looks. These stages can be very specific haircuts that will change with the length of your hair or a simple style with little trimming is fine to. For example during stage one you can let your hair on the sides and back grow. Distribution of the hair can be maintained by trimming bulky areas. A diffused hair dryer can be used for styling. Stage two will be a “bubble cut”. You let your hair grow further and styling during this stage can be done using finger combing and blow drying.

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Cleanse your hair with conditioner once every week. Select a conditioner high in humectants like vegetable glycerin, Panthenol and sorbitol. Do not use shampoo because shampoo is detergent and it is not good for you hair. Just use water and conditioner. The frequency of conditioner use should be once a week. This is one of the utmost important steps you should take if you want to grow out short wavy hairstyle.


You should cup your wet hair in a towel. Never rub your hair dry. Keep squeezing your hairs in a natural way in sections until they are dry. Use some gel to shape your hairs. Squeeze and pushup gently, scrunch parts of curls using your palms. You can use clips for curls that are too short or loose. The clip should be placed at the root of the hair if you want your curls to stand taller. Clip should be placed near the scalp to hold the hair away from the scalp. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should let your air dry. Do not use blow dry. When the head is completely dry you should take off the clips. Now softly botch your hair using your finger from beneath. Styling matters the most if you want to grow out short wavy hairstyle.


Go and get yourself some hairstyling accessories such as scarfs, hair-ties, headbands and bows. You should use a headband which will help give you a neater look. Growing out short wavy hairstyle is much easier using these accessories.


You should prevent your hairs from some actions if you want to grow out short wavy hairstyle.

1- Rubber bands should not be used.

2- Try not to brush your hair

3- Never use shampoo

4- Finger combing is suggested but if you must use a comb, use one with a wider tooth.

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