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How to Curl Medium Length Hair with Rollers

Are you worried about How to Curl Medium Length Hair with Rollers. That is your choice to have the long, medium or short hairs, but you do have a chance to look great with any hair cut or length. Curls give your hairs a bulky, full and trendy look that makes your presence amazing and attractive as well. For your medium length hair rollers are good enough to put amazing curls in them, all you need is a technique that brings your hair a genuine look easily. To know how to curl medium length hair with rollers here you have a complete chart that lets you to do it easily.

Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron-step

Step 1: Clean and Condition

At the first step you have to clean up your hairs as usual you do and apply the conditioner as usual, before curling hairs it is important to clean them so all the dirt particles get removed.

Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron-65

Step 2: Blow the moisture

Once you have just clean your hairs now you have to make them dry, at first dry them with towel as usual and then just blow dry them to lose almost fifty percent of their moisture so it will be easy for you to tackle them. Do not over dry or completely dry your hair as they go rough and on losing their moisture they do not adopt the curls.

Step 3: Work on bang first

Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron-500


Before going to the next step you should treat hairs at your forehead, put a roller at the middle edge of the bang and roll it inward towards the roots and clip it tightly near roots as it gets fixed here.

Step 4: Section the hairs

Once you are done with the band and then now just divide the hairs in different sections just like top, back, left and right as well. Now you have to put the rollers in sections so they do not mess up and create confusion for you.

Step 5: Roll top section first

Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron-460


Now, pick up the top section at the number one and place the roller in the hairs just like the technique mentioned above. It is not necessary that all the hairs of one section just wrapped on one roller so you can sue more rollers as per to the volume of your hair. Do not get so many hairs on one roller as it wouldn’t work.

Step 6: Roll Sides and back section

Once you are done with the front section then move towards the sides, firstly roll up the right and then let or can do vice versa as per to your hand direction. Depending on your style you can place rollers vertically and horizontally on the sides and after that wrap up the back hairs as well.

Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron

Step 7: Prevent curls from dents

When you clip the rollers then put a tissue paper on the end to avoid any dent in curls.

Step 8: Give them time

Now, your rollers are set and you have to give them some time.

Step 9: Hold the curls and you are ready!

After 12 hours just open up the rollers and spry your hairs to hold the curls, now you are set and you do not have to ask again that how to curl medium length hair with rollers.

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