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Gujarati Wedding Customs and Rituals Series

Gujaraties are vivacious individuals, they praise all their celebrations and capacities with parcel of wonder, colors, move and dazzlingly decor.gujarati weddings are extremely beautiful and dynamic. It is loaded with  tradional formality, move and fun.

Pre wedding capacities

•              sagai (engagement service) – this is the formal function where excessively families guarantee duty of relationship. The spouse visits with matli (a holder which is load with desserts and endowments) as good fortunes. A short function is performed and desserts and sustenance is serve to the visitor

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•              mandap Muhurat – this is a normal hindu service performed at ladies and grooms place. A minister is been called, little pooja is performed and family takes favoring from lady and husband to be. this function is performed few days before wedding

•              griha Shanti – this function is again performed by minister. Little pooja is finished and a flawless date and time is chosen as indicated by the zodiac indications of lady and husband to be

•              garba – this is conventional Gujarati move which is performed by relatives night before wedding. This service gives chance for both families to meet, welcome and know one another well. A lot of move is carried out utilizing hands and sticks hitting on one another.

•              pithi – this function is held by lady and grooms family a prior day wedding by welcoming their nearby relatives and companions at their separate spots. Yellow turmeric powder is connected on the group of spouse and prepare by all the ladies’ in their crew. It is been said that the turmeric powder brings the sound gleam on the face.

Wedding function

•              barat – on the wedding day man of the hour touches base on steed wearing conventional attaire and relatives move in encompassing on the customary music of band.

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•              ponkhana (respecting the lucky man) – the man of the hour is invited by ladies family in customary way where spouses mother perform aarti and pulls him payfully by grabing his nose. Prepare then venture advance by squashing earthen pots into little pieces this connotes that prep has force to beat any obstructions in his wedded life

•              ganesh Pooja – after the lucky man is invited to the mandap the services begin whith petition to God of master ganesh who is know are aradhya daivat (lord of peace, joy and flourishing).

•              madhuparka – the spouses father wash grooms feet with nectar, yogurt and ghee. This is the time when sister and cousins of lucky man steel shoes and man of the hour bring to the table some cash and take it back.

•              kanya Agman (spouses entry) – the spouse touches base with her maternal uncle (mother) on the mandap when she arrives at mandap there is drapery (antarpath) in the middle of lady and lucky man which differentiates them from one another

•              jaimala – throughout the entry of lady the cleric  starts the service by saying mangalashtak and after that antarpath is lower and the couple trade the festoons

•              kanya dan – the custom is that folks give (dan) their little girl (goddess laxmi) to the man of the hour (master Vishnu). Folks dole out their girl by keeping her hand onto the lucky men hand.

•              varmala – string is tied around the neck of lady and prepare and circled around 24 time by the elderly folks in gang. This implies the few is protected from any negative vitality or fiendishness

•              hasta Milap – the scarf wore by husband to be is fixed to the scarf of spouse this is known as gathering of soul. The petals of blossoms and rice grains are shower on them throughout this function.

•              mangal Pheres – sibling of lady is asked to put some rice on the hands of spouse and prep and spill it in hawan. The lady and man of the hour take four rounds around the hawan (flame) implying the guarantee to be with one another, great wellbeing and success, endowments, affection and devotion. Throughout this custom the cleric discuss some mantra. After which the spouse and husband to be runs and sit on the seat, it is been said that whoever sits first will control the house for life time.

•              saptapadi – throughout this service the husband to be helps lady to touch 7 betel nuts with her right toes by droning seven mantra in which he ask for backing from his wife in good and bad times of their life.

•              sindoor Daan – The lucky man puts red powder on ladies head and ties mangalsutra around her neck which symbolize that she is hitched and have a place with him.

•              kansar – the spouse and man of the hour sustain desserts to one another after this all customs have been carried out (this changes from convention to custom).

•              akhanda Saubhagyavati Bhava – here any seven womens are called to offer gift to recently hitched couple. These womens favor spouse as akhanda saubhagyavati bhava which implies that may your spouse live long life and be with you for eternity.

•              ashirwad – The recently marries take favoring from elderly folks by touching their feet.

Post wedding capacities

•              vidaai – This service is about flight of couple which incorporate tears of bliss and bitterness as the spouse is leaving for her new home abandoning her old memories back.


•              ghar Nu Laxmi – The spouse is welcome in her new home as laxmi who will accumulate bliss and flourishing their home. laxmi is the bride in home in bridal dresses.The relative place a matka or steel vessel loaded with rice and ask lady to enter the new world by touching vessel with right foot.

At long last at the end a few diversions (aki beki) are played for no particular reason and the day is finished up with the petitions to God to god asking for h

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