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Get Creative with Short Braid HairStyle 2014 for Little Girls!

Hey mothers out there, we have come up with something totally different short Braid Hairstyle 2014 for little girls. They know the importance of Braid Hairstyle 2014 that can totally change the outlook of the attire and bring about sedate touch to one’s personality. If you are tired of making the same old Braid Hairstyle 2014 then relax we have brought some cool short Braid Hairstyle 2014 for little girls.

Short Braid HairStyle 2014 for Little Girls

“Daisy Jane” is our first recommendation. Using 1 ½ inch of curling iron flip the hair to its tips and Make micro braids at one side of your hair. Place a daisy flower and pin it up. This hairstyle looks extremely beautiful with straight hair or wavy textured hair. Girls having curly hair can encounter some problem here.

Bailey Hair Style

Moving towards our next short hairstyle for little girls “beautiful bailey Style” is the most popular hairstyle these days. This looks very descent and is completely applicable for the school parties as well. Chin length bob haircut is required for it. From the top of the head grab a section of hair and make French braid which goes diagonally towards the ear. Use elastic to secure it behind the ear. Do the same procedure on the other side too. This side parted bob is extremely recommended if you are concerned about keeping hair off your daughter’s face. Bailey Hair Style looks best on squared and round shaped faces.

Bob haircut

A cute “bob haircut” can never be omitted from the list of short Braid Hairstyle 2014 for African-American Girls, no matter, how much it gets old. Bob haircut style has its own uniqueness. It preserves the innocence of the little girls. The length of the hair is layered slightly so that it rolls under from the tips. Because of this the haircut gets easier to style. During styling it falls into the desired place on its own when it is cut suitably.

Knotted hair style

“Knotted hair style” is yet another amazing and cute short hairstyle for little girls. Make small ponytails at front section and back section of your hair. Tie up both the ponies like a shoelace. You can attach beads on it too for cooler look. One more interesting hairstyle is “Sweetheart Susie”. Knotted hair style is all about giving attention to the finer details while making it. A twisted back pangs, a hair band and a bit of slightly tousled hair is all required in it to make it one awesome short hairstyle for little girls. This can be opted for in both formal and informal parties. All you have to do is just hairspray the pony, backcomb and without formalizing, you are done. Use some piece of ponytail to twist and pin at the top of head in a fun shattered shape. Now place hair band on top as final touch.

These are some of the short Braid Hairstyle 2014 for little girls that we collected. Sweet heart Susie and beautiful bailey are especially awesome. You will surely feel happier and excited than your daughters. Don’t take their fun filled years for granted. Make them memorable for them with trying new Braid Hairstyle 2014 and attires. Braid Hairstyle 2014 are not restricted to long hairs only. Now short Braid Hairstyle 2014 for African-American Girls seems more fashionable and exquisite.

Short Braid Hair Style 2014 for Little Girls Gallery.

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