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Eye-Catching Abaya Designs 2014 In Pakistan

 Abaya designs in Pakistan are mostly influenced by those in the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia. The abaya designs mostly resemble the trends followed in Arab countries. The vast variety of designs and materials available for abaya designs in Pakistan, satisfies the taste of different women.

Eye-Catching Abaya Designs 2014 In Pakistan 450

Butterfly Abaya

After the A-line abayas, which were very popular because of their fall and style, butterfly abayas are the latest trend in the abaya designs in Pakistan. The heavy fabric fallin down elegantly in the form of side drapes just looks amazing. The center usually carries some kind of bead work, or any other embellishment. A brooch that ensembles the drapes of the fabric on the sides can add the majestic touch!

Butterfly Abaya 455

Rose Mesh Design

After being a huge success in Arab countries, rose mesh is a hot trend followed in abaya design in Pakistan. The rose mesh looks appealing in different colors and adds a twist to usual monochrome abayas. It is available in different forms and the variations are many. From a mesh top, to sleeves adorned with rose mesh or a panel of rose mesh on the front side or in the middle looks very beautiful. They serve as an excellent alternative for the people who prefer embroidered abayas.

Rose Mesh Designs Abaya 2014 In Pakistan

Tier Abayas

The tier abayas are also very popular, especially among the young generation. They look very stylish and the light fabric adds a touch of class to them. Another reason of their popularity is that they resemble the anarkali and foot reaching frocks trend ongoing in Pakistan. They give a festive look and are used as both casual and formal wear.

Pleated Abayas

Pleated bayas are also a customer favorite among the abaya designs in Pakistan. They somewhat resemble the butterfly design, as the pleats on the back and front, or sometimes only in the middle, create an aura of falling drapes, which produce a majestic effect when carried properly. They are also ideal for the plus size ladies, who do not feel very comfortable to wear abayas with straight cuts.

Embroidered Abayas

Embroidered Abaya Collection 2014

Embroidery is a very important feature in the fabric industry in Pakistan. There is an apt design for every fabric, occasion and style. So is the case with the embroidered abaya designs in Pakistan. From cross stitch to local stitches, and from handmade intricate designs to machine embroidery, you can find pretty much all kind of work on abayas too.

Lace Abayas

As the laces are out of fashion now, they have found their way on abaya design in Pakistan. Usually, they are in the form of a front panel in the middle or as sleeves on a contrasting base of silk. These abayas are preferred by girls and young ladies, but they are not comfortable for hot season. The lace fringe also looks very stylish but is confined to be used as formal wear. It is not a practical choice for daily outdoor activities.

Stone Work Abayas

Stone work on the edge of sleeves or on the neck line is inspired by the designer trends in abaya designs in Dubai that have used crystals. It is an excellent choice for the working women, and classic attire for formal occasions.

Eye-Catching Abaya Designs 2014 Gallery.

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