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Exquisite Abaya Designs 2014 in Qatar

Majority of abaya designs in Qatar are taken from the fashion hub Dubai and neighboring Saudi Arabia. Qatar being a prosperous and wealthy nation is also a market for abayas designed by famous designers from the west and the Arab world.

Stunning Abaya Designs 2014 In India 602The Classic Look Abayas

The traditional classic look is always in when it comes to abaya designs in Qatar. The loose, simple flowing style is still the ultimate choice for many ladies especially the older ones.

The Mesmerizing Crystals Abayas

The lovely western take on the abaya designs in Dubai with real and imitation crystals is also a heart favorite in Qatar. The crystals add a luxurious touch to the traditional wear. The abayas in formal cuts donned with crystals are just mesmerizing. Although the crystals are assembled in typical manner, but the very presence of crystal on the formal attire make it a head turner at any occasion.

 Cowl Style Abayas

The cowl style with their modest look and unique cut are a majestic addition to the abaya designs in Qatar. The otherwise simple attire with flare drops on the neck line look entirely different from the routine buttoned necklines of the abayas. When looking for a stylish abaya without a lot of embellishments, this cowl style abaya is the answer.

Zipped Abayas

A latest feature in A-line abaya designs in Qatar is the zip on the front. A particular twist is the lace zip which runs through the length of the abaya. It is not only practical and easy to wear but also a little different from the usual wear.

Perfect Drapes Abayas

Draping abayas are a must have for formal wear. The light and flowy fabric is the perfect for this particular design. The draping sleeves are just adorable and look fabulous for formal gatherings and events. Although, they do not make a practical and comfortable choice for everyday use.

Laced Abayas

Laced abayas are another addition to abaya designs in Qatar. The lace tops are suitable for young girls or the ladies in shape. Whereas, laced sleeves are a good choice for overweight or older ladies as they take off the attention from the extra weight. The contrasting base under the lace offers a color twist for those who want to deviate from the usual black attire in style. Lace on the edges also looks very stylish and feminine.

Tight Sleeves Abayas

Tight Sleeves Abayas 710Among the abaya designs in Qatar, tight sleeves are still in. not only the elastic sleeves, but jersey sleeves with embellishments are also in. They are especially popular among the young ladies. Tight sleeves on hooded abayas are a perfect combo for the young girls.

Robe Style Abaya

Abaya designs in Qatar have gone through evolution over time. Like the abaya design in Saudi Arabia robe style is a popular choice. A modern look for the old overlapping georgette abayas, the robe style also come with laced tops. A sequined belt or embellishments on the neckline also give it a twist.

Double Sleeves Abayas

Double sleeves with underlay look gorgeous. These abayas are usually simple on the front with no or very little embellishment. The top layer can be neatly appliquéd or may be in the form of lacy pattern through which the under lay shows itself.

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