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Eid Special Collection

Eid-ul-Fitr & Eid-ul-Adha snappy gathering at Paki Couture. This is the spot of one-stop-answer for ones with the energy of style. Eid is close what you will wear!? Heaps of distinctive, brilliant, staggering and sleek outfits beneath. Pick your most loved outfit from this accumulation, if intrigued to purchase. We can alter any outfit the way you would like it, including color, sewing, and weaving. We utilize unadulterated fabrics and best quality materials which dependably makes our clients fulfilled and euphoric. We are putting forth free sewing on Eid Special Dresses. You can additionally benefit an offer of 5% rebate on buy of 3 or more outfits from this collection. Happy Shopping at!

Pakistani Dresses for Women

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