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DHOOM 3 Image 13Dhoom 3 a movie everyone has been waiting for, released this week on Friday, 20Dec2013. This action thriller movie broke all records of this year’s movies making its way up to the top grossing films of the year. It not just broke the records of this tear but also made greater, money than its previous sequels of doom and doom 2. It was released in India on more than 4500 screens and in more than 700 cinemas overseas. The film collected approximately 32 crores on its first day only from India. In North America the film was released on the weekend and made 1.075M$ on its first day & is believed to reach to$3.5M till the end of the weekend. This makes it the highest grossing film of North America.

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Before dhoom 3 Chennai express was the highest grossing film but dhoom 3 claimed its record after the release. Dhoom 3 also earned its distinction by becoming the first Bollywood movie to earn to make over 1M$ on its opening day. Chennai’s per screen average for opening day was $ 3800 while dhoom3 scored per screen average of almost 4500$. Yash raj films not just released the movie in hindi but it was released all around the country also in Tamil and Telugu from which it earned another 4 crore. The film was, unlike Chennai express and ek tha tiger, released on a working day i.e Friday. According to this the film has to be considered the most grossing film of working days. It also left behind the records of krrish 3 of Hrithik that managed to erase all records of its previous movies.

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The film cast includes Katrina Kaif and Aamir khan and Abhishek Bachchan. The film includes dangerous stunts and beautiful picturisation. The film maintains its curiosity and suspense for the watchers till the end which makes it worth watching. Huge amount of tickets were booked before the movie was even released. The runtime of the movie is 3 hours. Aamir khan said that he was relieved after the response as there were a lot of expectations from the movie. The movie got its attention on the release of its trailer and songs, it surely created a lot of suspense but no one expected such a huge reaction as it got. In some areas the seats are filled hours before the movie, morning evening and night shows all have a full booked hall and not a person comes out of the cinema disappointed from the movie. As the movie has managed to break all the previous records all eyes are now on the weekend box office collections and for how long the response will go on.

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