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Dancing’: Mark Ballas On Sadie Robertson’s Mirrorball Potential

Duck Dynasty’s” Sadie Robertson was one of the champions on the Season 19 debut of “Hitting the dance floor with the Stars.”

With no move encounter, the 17-year-old hit the dance floor with expert accomplice Mark Ballas, performing a cha that provoked Judge Bruno Tonioli to call her, “a winged creature of heaven.” After taking second place amid Week 1, and now, preparing for Week 2, Access Hollywood’s Liz Hernandez inquired as to whether he is working with “mirror ball champion material.”

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“I unquestionably feel like we have potential beyond any doubt, definitely,” Mark told Liz as she halted by their practice on Thursday. “It’s just Week 2 heading up, yet you can continue taking it step by step, week by week, yet I doubtlessly feel like she has potential, yes.”

“It was the best feeling ever. I was so energized,” Sadie, who is a fanatic of dance expert/performer/artist Julianne, told Liz. “I was similar to, attempting to like keep my cool. … And in casual dress, it was so easy. And then, when we got over there I was similar to, ‘Yes!'”

Got some information about the most difficult part of being on “Moving,” the secondary school understudy said it is confronting the judges.

“I think the hardest part is simply listening to what the judges need to say in light of the fact that I’m so touchy, so I know the day I botch and its similar to, they’re simply killing me, I know I’m gonna get enthusiastic,” she said.

“She cautioned me, she was much the same as, ‘I’m simply cautioning you now. …  I’m truly touchy,'” Mark said. “I was similar to, ‘What do you mean?’ She’s similar to, ‘Well, when the judges, if the judges say something extreme on me I’m presumably gonna shout.’ And I was much the same as, ‘It’s alright.

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