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Choose Best Bridal Dresses For Your Great Day!

The day of wedding is undeniably one of the most precious and important day of a women’s life. She should be looking perfect, unique and gorgeous from every aspect. There is just no space of anything getting wrong. The ornaments, jewelry and accessories are supposed to be in excellent order. After all this is the day when Cinderella’s prince of dreams has to come and get her to a beautiful palace. At such auspicious time the wedding dress has its own importance. No bride ever compromises on her bridal dresses. These days fashion divas have made it possible for even lower middle class families to get a royal looking bridal dresses at reasonable prices. Each day a new trend, new design and new color is being introduces to make the “great day” even more memorable for women. The most variety in bridal dresses would be found in the subcontinent area. Pakistani and Indian famous designers have placed their names at top rank in bridal dresses.

Latest Pakistani Bridal Collection

 Bridal Dresses In Pakistan

Red color is considered the bridal color. It is thought of as a good omen to wear anything red on wedding day. But now trend is shifting from red to pink and purple. Top listed designers like Maria B, Zahra Ahmed, Sana Safinas, Asim Jofa have taken it to next level and are all coming up with new vibrant colors to blend with red and come up with something exciting for bridals. “Lehngas” are mostly preferable to wear but is also has some categories ranging from fish lehnga to tail lehnga. Usually the brides look more traditional in lehngas and shararas made by using different types of embroidery such as Dabka, beats and work of zari. Frocks are also getting popular among brides now. The more flares the mughlia frock has the more stylish and more elegant it looks. “Ghrara” with long shirt is also very sedate looking attire for a bride. The colors for bridal dresses are mostly white and red, purple or red, peach and red, pink and silver. Deep red color has its place.


Indian Bridal Dresses

Indians usually go for their traditional dress on their wedding day. The bridal “sarees” of every type are available. Mainly the brides go for saree having very light work of dabka on it. Their heavy jewelry and make up accommodates the light saree. At times “choli” is also worn if one wants to like her bridal dresses to be heavy. . Fancy Frocks such as Gown Style, Umbrella style, An-Lakha, Sleeve-less Umbrella style, Ghagra-Choli, Double-Shirt Frocks, Long Shirts with Lacha are also getting popular. Here again red color is also at top here too. But orange and green also considered best. The top class Indian bridal dress designers like Deepak Parwani, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar have played great role in bringing new trends in bridal dresses niche. The fancy bridal dresses are usually of special fabric and are made up of light Georgette, Organza, Shams-Patti, Plane n Crinkle both types of Chiffon and Jama-war of various colors and prints.

So girls out there who are about to get married don’t sit back rather check out all the available bridal dresses and choose the best one. It’s your day and do make it worth remembering!




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