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Bridal Dresses That Set Records In Past

Market is flooded with bridal dresses of all types and of all prices. It is you who has to decide what kind of a dress you would go for on your big day. From designer wedding dresses to vintage wedding dresses, you would find them all in the market and no doubt that every dress has its own charm and attraction so it is pretty hard to select one and reject the others.

bridal dresses in Pakistan

What inspires you most when you think of your big day? Do you wish it to be fairy tale kind of a wedding? A vintage styled bride and bride groom? A royal wedding or just a cultural mix? You have way more options to choose from and it is all on you that how memorable your make it for yourself and for all others who attend your marriage.

Well as we know that for a girl, her bridal dress is one of the most important thing she is worried about; she wants it perfect and just the way she has imagined it all over her life so we think that to help you with your selection regarding bridal dresses you should give a look back to the most famous fashion icons or celebrity figures and their bridal dresses in Pakistan. The bridal dresses worn by them have been major sources of inspiration for today’s modern fashion designers too so why don’t you pick up one for your wedding?

Let us here take a look over few from all time favorite bridal dresses that also set records:

Queen Victoria’s bridal dress

Queen Victoria’s bridal dress:

Back in 1840, Queen Victoria got married to Prince Albert. Yes the fashion trends were also been followed in the 18th century. For her big day, the famous designer of that time Mrs. Battens designed the stunning white silk satin court dress that was purely made from the British fabric. Princess was also a fashion lover and thus said no to the traditional royal robes. The wedding dress of Queen Victoria took around 8 months to be completed and employed more than 200 workers. The head dress was orange in color and the train trimmed with orange blossoms was 6 yards long! The dress is still an inspiration for designers.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s bridal dress:

Who does not know the most famous and sophisticated lady of 1950’s married to the most handsome man of that time. The great wedding of Jacqueline and john Kennedy took place in 1953. Back in time the wedding dress was designed by a fashion designer lady in New York named Ann Lowe. The eye catching gown was made using pure silk that measured around 50 yards with a big bouffant skirt. The embellishment of wax flowers, circles and tucking made it look stunning. The Kennedy library in Boston exhibits the beautiful gown.

Princess Dianna’s bridal dress:

Not to forget the two fairy tale characters of real life: Princess Dianna and Prince Charles who got married on July 29, 1981. The amazing bridal dress of the most beautiful bride of all time has still no match. She wore David and Elizabeth Emanuel’s wedding gown that was specially made to fit the beauty and charm of Lady Dianna. The ivory silk with an antique lace and around 10,000 pal patterns made the dress outstanding.

Latest Bridal Dresses in Pakistan Gallery:

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