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Bridal Dresses: Most Thoughtfully Selected

Everyone around the world wants to look superbly awesome on his or her wedding. Everyone becomes conscious of how they are going to look like and what they are going to wear. Every person has a wish to look unique and stylishly beautiful on the most important day of their life. So, every girl goes for designer bride dresses for their wedding and who cannot go for designer dresses, they put their maximum effort to make their dress look wonderful.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Bridal wears business at its boom

So, the wish to have a perfect dress for wedding is not restricted to culture or countries. The race of having an alluringly pretty dress is at its peak in Pakistan too. Brides here prefer to wear fancy dresses on their wedding ceremonies according to the culture. If you observe the people visiting boutique of bride dresses, then you will never find it vacant for sure.

Bride preference first

Now is not the time, where girls will wear what her elders will design for her. This is the time when each and every piece of bridal wear is designed according to the wish of bride. So, this trend has given rise to a proper industry of bridal wears. This industry is so responsive and adaptive that after some time you will observe a change in style and color combinations in trend.

Bridal Dresses in Pakistan

Traditional yet stylish

Bride dresses are traditionally designed but in a very stylistic manner. For all the three days of wedding there are different traditional designs to make bride look unique and simply pretty. On Mehndi function, there is a tradition of wearing yellow dress with golden laces or design on it along with the combination of some dark color like green, purple, shocking pink and others attractive colors.

Specialties of Occasions

On wedding ceremony, Red color has always been a tradition to wear but some brides prefer to wear other colors on this occasion. There is a lot of embroidery done on bride dresses in the form of dabka, motifs, stone work, moti, cut dana, beads, sequence etc. All these things are included in design according to the fashion of the time.

On Reception ceremony, dress is mostly chosen of light color and heavy in design but less embellished than wedding ceremony dress. Also, its style chosen is kept different from previous day ceremony. You will find a very elegant range of bride dresses in Pakistan. for reception ceremony.


Designs for Bridal wear

The most common design for bride dresses in Pakistan is Lehnga, ghagra or sharara. In short shirt fashion, Lehnga is heavily embroidered but shirt is kept plain with a very light touch of embroidery on sleeves and shirt’s border.

When fashion is of long shirts then shirts are heavily embellished by the front, border and sleeves but lehnga below is kept almost plain but with patches of embroidery on its border. Be it reception ceremony or wedding ceremony, dupatta of dress is designed heavily which when worn by the bride reflects the tradition while accentuating the neat design of bridal outfit.

So, if you are a bride then keep a very keen eye on the rapidly changing fashion and design your dress with a sense of fashion and tradition in it.

Bridal Dresses of PakistanLatest Bridal Dresses For Girls 


Pakistani Bridal Dresses

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