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Brangelina: Stars Who Were Destined To Meet

Brad Pitt and Angelina are an acknowledged symbol of love, partnership and super-couple. They met on sets of a film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and after Brad’s divorce they announced their relationship. They adopted 3 children and have 3 children of their own. Despite having an age difference of 12 years, they are in a true relationship of love and understanding.

Angelina’ life before Pitt:

Angelina’ life before Pitt

Angelina Jolie, who is one of the most wanted and beautiful actress of Hollywood. She has done many popular movies and she is not only known for her acting or beauty but she is also well-known for her kind heart because she had adopted her three children from orphanage and she had also visited under-developed countries in the time of depression, earthquakes and floods.

Before meeting Pitt, she had married an actor “Johny Lee Miller”. This marriage remained only four years and then Jolie married another actor “Billy Bob Thornton”, this marriage was another failure of her life and then they got separated in 2003. In her 2nd marriage period, she also adopted a child.

Pitt’s life before Angelina:

Pitt, who has worked in many popular films and he is also considered in one of the most handsome and greatly desired actors. Pitt had dated an actress in 1990’ name “Gyneth Paltrow” and then he married an actress Jennifer Aniston”. Their marriage was considered a success but in the year of 2005, they got divorced.

Formation of “Brangelina”:

Their mutual understanding and desire to be together started when they were co-starred in a movie name “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. Rumors about their affair had started and Brad was at that time, married to Jennifer Aniston. They were seen together very often but they denied these rumors and Angelina said that she did not even think of dating Brad when he was someone’s husband. In 2005 Brad got divorced and after that they were seen together more. Media then gave this couple their name “BRANGELINA”.

In 2006, they admitted that they are in relation. In 2006 Anjelina gave birth to her first daughter and that time she had already two adopted children, one son and one daughter from Ethiopia name “ZAHRA”. They changed their children’s surname from Jolie or Pitt to Jolie-Brad.

In 2010, some rumors arose in the media that they are going to be separated but these rumors were wronged by the couple and they even fired a suit against the tabloid responsible for such wrong rumors. They are not married; they are only engaged till now and had not yet announced their wedding.

In 2007 this couple adopted a son and in 2010 Jolie gave birth to twins (a daughter and a son). This couple has total six children, half of them are adopted and half of them are their biological children. They are living happily and peacefully with their children in Los Angeles. They also have a home in a village Bringol in France. They had also purchased a home name Villa Constanza in Valpolicella.

Their chemistry is quite known and envied by everyone. They are now always seen together in functions. This blend of star is amazingly pure and strong that despite being at the peak of their professional life, they never ignored each other and their children.

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