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Brad Pitt: A Widely Envied Star

Brad Pitt is an American Golden Globe winning actor and a big producer who began his acting career in 1987. His attractive personality and versatile acting skills have gained significant media attention. After started a relationship with Angelina Jolie he had involved himself in many social and political issues.


Actor and producer Brad Pitt (aka William Bradley Pitt) is not only known for his handsome personality but also for his aspiring acting skills. He was nominated in various acting and producing categories. He was also nominated for an Oscar award. He also won many awards, including Golden Globe award, Screen Actors Guild Award for acting and Academy Award in the production area.

Early life of Brad Pitt:

brad pitt young photo

Brad was born on 18th December, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, U.S. He was the eldest son of Jane Etta and William Alvin Pitt. He was brought up in Springfield, Missouri. In 1982, he took admission in the University of Missouri to major in Journalism. But before completing his degree, he left the university and moved to Los Angeles to try his acting skills in the Hollywood Movies.

Early work:

Brad started his acting career in 1987 by playing small roles in movies like “No way out”, “Less Than Zero” and many others. He also began his television debut in the same year by appearing in “Another World” soap. He had also performed in a few episodes of “Dallas” and gave his guest appearance in many television series, including the sitcom “Growing Pain” and “21 Jump Street”. However, he had become famous overnight through his sexy criminal role in “Thelma and Louise” which gained great attention in the film world.

Brad Pitt’s successful movies:

Further, he played leading roles in Johny Suede and Cool world which did not impress the critics. Later, he gained great appreciation when he had performed the leading role in movies like “A river runs through it”, “Legends of the fall”, “Fight club”, “Money ball”, “12 years a Slave”, etc. His other international hits include “Oceans 11” and its further sequels, “Mr and Mrs Smith”, “World War Z”,

Brad Pitt’s production company:

Brad also started his production company with the name of “Plan B Entertainment” in 2002. Initially, this company was owned by Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey. But later in 2006, Brad turn out to be the only owner of it. Its headquarters is also in Los Angeles. The first film under its banner was released in 2004 was “Troy”, which got a huge commercial success. His best hits as productions were “The Departed” and “12 years a Slave”, which was also nominated for different renowned awards.

Personal life:


He was linked with his various co-stars including Robin Gewens, Jill Schoelen and Juliette Lewis. He was also engaged to Gwaneth Paltrow for three years. He was previously married to Jennifer Anniston for five years. But after his divorce in 2005 with her, he was soon started dating Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Initially they denied their relationship with public, but later when Jolie was pregnant, she admits their relationship. They both were engaged in 2006 and have six children. Since his relationship with Jolie, not only he has become more famous but also he was greatly involved himself in various social and political activities. That’s the reason they adopted three children. Now, Brad is living happily with her and his six children.

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