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Beautiful Abaya Designs 2014 In Kuwait

The abaya designs in Kuwait mostly come from the abaya designs in Saudi Arabia. The ongoing trends also follow the ever changing fashion in the fashion capital of Arab, Dubai. The abyas and hijabs are usually imported from neighboring Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar.

Beautiful Abaya Designs In Kuwait 550

Wedding Abayas

The wedding abayas are a very important part of every new launch of Arab designers. Other than formal wears, the heavily embellished abayas are a must have for every woman. The abayas donned with beads, pearls and sequins add to the festivities of any celebration. They are usually of lighter fabric like chiffon or georgette, as the wedding season usually falls in mid-summer. So, fabrics and materials with cool feel are preferred.

Pleated Abayas

Abaya design in Kuwait with pleated front and back have replaced the open front A-line abayas. The heaviness and fall created by the pleats looks very classy and stylish. The majestic look makes it a perfect choice for formal wear.

Abayas with Embellished Sleeves

Abayas with Embellished Sleeves

For the ladies who don’t like to carry heavily decorated attire, this is the answer. The edges of the sleeves carry a variety of embellishment, like bead work, pearls, embroidery with sequins or just piping with simple stone work. For a more colorful option, one can go for a panel on the middle of the sleeves that runs through the whole length of the sleeve. This is a popular abaya design in Kuwait for working ladies. They can carry this formal wear with a simple twist but without overdoing.

Front Cowl Abayas

Like the trendy necklace abaya design in Dubai, front cowl abayas are the customer favorite among the abaya designs in Kuwait. This abaya has a western look and feel and is excellent for winter season, as it keeps you cozy and warm. The cowl style looks different even the abaya is monochrome and looks almost plain and simple.

Velvet Abayas

They are suitable for cold season. They have replaced the abayas made of jersey material and overlapping abayas.

Lace Trim Kimono Style Abaya

Lace Trim Kimono Style AbayaA twist in the abaya design in Kuwait is the Japanese inspired kimono style. The lace trim kimono style abaya looks extremely stylish and modern. The overlapping v neck is usually donned with simple stone work. For little darlings, the kimono style abayas have stripes of colorful silky fabric on the front, which adds color and fervor. A silk stripe of a single dark color also looks decent.

Lacy Patterns

Laces add a touch of feminity to any attire. When used with the right fabric and designed intricately, laces make the fabric stand out. Lace fringes are always in. abayas with lace on the edges are usually used for formal wear. The lace top abayas with silk under layers look very delicate. For a more classic and sober look, laces are combined with subtle stonework.

Front Belts

Abaya designs in Kuwait with belted sequins are a special treat for the ladies. The embellished belt on the front that separates the top adds a touch of glamour. For a heavier festive wear, the top is donned with corresponding material as on the belt. Sleeves can also carry the same embellishments, for those who prefer a simple front part.

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