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ANDROID VS IOS. Which one is better??? THE FIRE GOES ON…


One of the most heated debates of the present time are about the android and iOS. Both of them are great mobile platforms but every now and then a new feature introduced in either one of them makes it the better choice. Its hard to decide which one is better but here are some major features which will help you decide which one will be your next.


Security image08              Screen lock is a very important security feature in both android and iOS have the traditional access control such as passwords and idle-time screen locking to protect the device itself, permission based access control and some built in capabilities to resist web-based attacks. However android has more distribution channels than iOS. iOS apps can only be distributed through the apple app store.

When an application is installed, there is a static list of permissions that the android application requests upfront where as when an application requests the use of a protected feature in iOS at runtime, the os pops up a dialogue box and the asks the user, if u say no the app fails.

iOS has the feature of geolocation and auto erase i.e. in case your phone is stolen your phone wipes of the sensitive data automatically in case of 10 wrong password entries. However latest android phones have this feature moreover many security applications give you a better way of protecting your private data in case of your phone being stolen.


quick setting Image

Android control center lets you toggle common settings, adjust brightness and access music with a quick swipe which is a very handy feature; iOS introduced this feature recently in iOS7. The big difference is that in android it comes down from the top and takes one extra tap to get to. Apples recent version is a bit attractive but both of them accomplish the same tasks.


switching image06

Another feature that android pioneered is app switching. In android double tapping the home button brings up vertical list of apps that you have recently viewed. iOS sets up the apps in a left-to-right list instead.
Both mobile Operating System have a problem where switching to and fro from an app can affect the app itself.


Notifications image03

Android oldest attraction is that it has rich notification system, pull down the notification drawer n you will get access to all your missed calls, messages, tweets, weather etc. iOS notification system has caught up a bit but it’s still no match for the android notification system.


Camera image05

I phone’s camera have always been a strong point and latest devices are no exception, however android cameras are also good  and some of them have pretty cool features but the result is better in apple.


Music And Media image04

The iPod legacy lives on here and the video and music functions are no match here. I phone is a world class media device; android unfortunately lacks some of the features, although it has improved a lot.


Both android and iOS are in the top market but android however is easy to buy especially if you have budget issues. Android is more reasonable and less expensive than I phone. You can buy a good android phone in half the amount of an iphone. Both of them have some features that the other one lacks somehow, plus android user experience is very customizable than iOS.

Other than that, almost everything you want with a Smartphone can be availed with either one of them, choosing one comes to personal demand of devices, and what apps and services user wants.



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