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Androgyne” spouse and wife both wear dresses to Moscow registry office

Here come the ladies: “Androgyne” spouse and wife both wear dresses to Moscow registry office wedding in point of reference that has befuddled hostile to gay organization

To the cool eye, the two spouses imagined in this photo have all the earmarks of being getting married as a feature of an advanced same-sex marriage.

Actually, they are a hetero couple from Russia – where gay and lesbian weddings are strictly illegal.

However that did not stop the husband to be, Dmitry Kozhukhov, 23, dressing as a lady for the service – which occurred in Moscow.

Bridal dresses online store Bridal dresses online store Bridal dresses online storeHis lady’s true character is not known, however her first name is Alisa, 19, and she is better known in Moscow by her handle, Alison Brooks.

The couple wedded in spite of authority dissatisfaction and shock from a registry office stunned at the possibility of both lady and lucky man turning up in dresses.

Alina said: ‘In May, we filled in the application in the registry office, and our appearance did not result in any inquiries whatsoever, which shocked us.’

‘Anyway simply several prior weeks the wedding they began to call us. When they couldn’t achieve us, they called my mother.’

The registry office was worried that both would touch base in white marriage dresses, as, without a doubt, they did.

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